Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Xiaomi Mi 4i – Which one is worth buying?

Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Xiaomi Mi 4i – Which one is worth buying?
Although Xiaomi Mi 4 is the official flagship Smartphone from Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, their latest release of its 4G variant Xiaomi Mi 4i is creating a huge buzz on World Wide Web because it’s available at lesser price than Xiaomi Mi 4. But it still remains the fact that Xiaomi Mi 4 still shines because of its few essential features which are enough to overpower this latest release except the non availability of LTE. Xiaomi reported that LTE connectivity couldn’t be introduced in Xiaomi Mi 4 because they were new to the market and unaware of the current needs.
It surely creates a bit of confusion among buyers in choosing among these two Smartphone’s; you can clear out your confusion from our comprehensive study of these two Smartphone’s.
  1. Design and Display Quality: Xiaomi Mi 4 as well as Xiaomi Mi 4i features a 5inch display providing full HD resolution and pixel density of 441ppi. But it’s over with this; Xiaomi recently reported that Xiaomi Mi 4i houses Sunlight display along with OGS lamination which provides its display with better readability and lucid colours along with elimination of reflective problems due to sunlight. Xiaomi Mi 4i as per Xiaomi features a unibody design and the material used in the build is highly resistive to fingerprints. Xiaomi Mi4i is clearly beating Xiaomi Mi 4 as far as looks and quality of display is taken into account.
  2. Performance: Xiaomi Mi 4 comes stocked with Android v4.4.2 Kit Kat OS operating on a Quad core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz and coupled with 3GB RAM. On the other side, Xiaomi Mi 4i is preinstalled with Android v5.0 Lollipop OS operating on a Quad core Snapdragon 615 processor clocked at 1.7GHz and coupled with 2GB RAM. In this case Xiaomi Mi 4 takes the lead with better processing speed and RAM, which will make it work seamlessly in harsh conditions; however Xiaomi Mi 4i is also well configured to work up to expectations although not as well as Xiaomi Mi 4.
  3. Camera: Both these siblings from the Chinese tech giant offer 13MP primary camera for taking brilliant quality photographs but Xiaomi Mi 4i takes the upper hand although a bit with the presence of dual tone flash improving the overall quality of photographs. In case of front snappers, Xiaomi Mi 4 features an 8MP sensor while as Xiaomi Mi 4i has got 5megapixels only. Since both the Smartphone’s can take good photographs with the rear camera however Xiaomi Mi 4 can take better selfies and video calling is of higher quality. But it’s also true that front snapper with minute camera difference is manageable and it’s also a fact that a wide range of high end Smartphone’s use 5MP front camera.
  4. Storage: Xiaomi Mi 4 is available in 16GB and 64GB storage variants both of which are non expandable while as only 16GB memory variant is known in case of Xiaomi Mi 4i. Both these Smartphone’s have non expandable storage capacity. It becomes compulsory for a buyer with high storage needs to go for 64GB variant of Xiaomi Mi 4 while as buyers for whom 16GB is suffient; they have the choice to choose among these two Smartphone’s.
  5. Battery backup: Xiaomi Mi 4 is packed with 3080mAh battery which is 3120mAh in case of Xiaomi Mi 4i. So, it’s obvious that both these Smartphone are provided with good battery’s and will give a full day of endurance on single charge but Xiaomi Mi 4i with bit extra arsenal can last for few more hours.
Buying guide:
Why should you buy Xiaomi Mi 4i?
Xiaomi Mi 4i is the beauty to bare eyes when it comes to looks and display quality because Xiaomi has intensely upgraded its interiors while as display and design of Xiaomi Mi 4 isn’t that much sophisticated. It becomes one of the main reasons to go for Xiaomi Mi 4i.
The second best reason to buy this Smartphone it’s availability of 4G LTE network  which is not present in Xiaomi Mi 4.
The battery backup of Xiaomi Mi 4i is expectedly a bit better than Xiaomi Mi 4.
Why should you buy Xiaomi Mi 4?
The most essential reason in this case is the presence of extra faster and efficient processing core as compared to Xiaomi Mi 4i.
Xiaomi Mi 4 could be your choice because of presence of 8MP front shooter which is only 5MP in case of Xiaomi Mi 4i.
Xiaomi Mi 4 could certainly be the only choice for a buyer with enormous storage needs.
It’s clear that both the choice are open to the buyers according to the needs but only two types of buyers are out of option in-between these two Smartphone’s. Either a high storage needy buyer has to go for Xiaomi Mi 4 and sacrifice 4G connectivity offered by Xiaomi Mi 4i or the buyer who wants LTE connectivity has to settle on 16GB storage capacity. It’s recommended for buyers who need high storage capacity as well as LTE connectivity to shift towards any other Smartphone among a huge ocean of gadgets available in the market. Xiaomi Mi 4 16 GB variant is currently available at a price of 282 USD and Xiaomi Mi 4 64GB at 361 USD while as Xiaomi Mi 4i has price tag of 204 USD. Xiaomi Mi 4i is also a pet choice of buyers who need a high configuration Smartphone under their tight pocket limit.

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