Amex credit Card

Amex credit Card

Being an American financial and banking services corporation, the head-quarter of the company American Express situated in the New York, United States of America. This company is popularly known as Amex. The main key which lies behind the popularity of this company is not only the travellers cheque business or change card but also credit card plays an important role to make this company popular within a short period of time.

Being 4th largest credit card issuer of the world Amex has over 109 million active credit cards in the whole world. Amex constitutes 24% of total value of credit transactions in America. The credit cards which are offered by American Express Company have enough capability to provide its customers not only a wide range of shopping, lifestyle but also various travel and dining privileges. Before availing the service of the credit cards offered by Amex, one question may come in your mind that what is the speciality of the cards offered by this company. 

These credit cards are featured with payback points; special travels as well as lifestyle deals which make this card a delight to its every user. We should know the minimum eligibility criteria as well as documentation which are required to be a user of these credit cards. The eligibility criteria are as follows one should more than 18 years old, possess good credit history, should not possess any payment defaults etc. The usually needed documents to avail this service are self-attested passport sized photos, valid identity card, resident proof, latest salary slips, and income tax returns, form 16 etc.

The credit cards which are offered by this company are as follows: 

The American Express Platinum Card, The American Express Gold Card, The American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card, The Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card, The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card, The NEW American Express MakeMyTrip Credit Card, The NEW American Express PAYBACK Credit Card. Among the seven types of credit cards the last five credit cards are available in India. 

Though all the credit cards have their own unique features, some of the basic features of these cards are guaranteed online fraud protection which saves your hard earned money every time from scams, complete suite of online services which provides you a more convenient service at your fingertips, zero lost card liability makes your worry free, emergency card replacement provides you quick service in case of loss or damage of the cardetc. The Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card gives you scope to earn 12 JP-Miles for every 100 rupees spent for booking tickets on Jet Airways’ official website. 

The NEW American Express MakeMyTrip Credit Card is capable to provide wide range of benefits for travelling such as i) provides welcome gift that is MakeMyTrip Vouchers worth Rs.9,000 (9 x Rs.1000 each), 5% cash back on every ticket which are booked through, and some other rewards such as voucher worth Rs.2,000 for every Rs.1.25 lakh spent and voucher worth Rs.5,000 when you spent Rs.2.5 lakh every year. After judging all these features which are provided by these American Express credit cards, it can be undoubtedly said that anyone who wants to avail more deals as well as offers should avail the service of these credit cards.

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