Do Follow and No Follow Links

What is a Link?

It a reference path from a particular website on which it is placed with a anchor text. When the user clicks that path it redirects to the website address that is placed.

Like for example:

Java Tutorial Point is a website link that links to the address with Anchor text : Java Tutorial Point

There are 2 types of links:-

1. Do Follow: 

Its a link which is followed by Search Engine Crawler. It Indexes the link and helps in the ranking of the website for which its placed. Its is also frequently cached by Search engines. These also also called as natural links.

The above example is a Do follow link.

2. No Follow Links:

These are the links that the search engines do no follow and index. These also don't help in Ranking of the website.

Do follow links are of these types:

< a href="URL" rel="no follow">Anchor Text

Note that for ranking purposes, the website must have a good mixture of do follow and no follow links.

Also, Links from a same category website are considered to be Quality Backlinks.

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