Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Being a web hosting reseller is a very profitable way to earn. There are many ways in which one can become a web hosting reseller, there are many types of web hosting resellers such as; reseller hosting : this form of web hosting is less expensive and an easy way to begin hosting. In this form the host has complete control and can make changes whenever needed. This can also be taken as an extra service provided by the host to the customers and hence charges tend to be made apart from regular charges, Virtual private server hosting: in this form of hosting only a part of the main server is used or is accessible, however the main server is a powerful dedicated server which is subdivided into many parts or sub servers. 

This is a good move from reseller hosting to having your own dedicated server, dedicatedservers: in this form of hosting one is allowed to use everything and anything on a single server machine. All troubles and problems related to the server are taken care of by the datacenter. This puts customers at ease, Colocation servers: this form of hosting is done via a datacenter, this provides beneficial for setting up personalized hardware and software.

Some specific steps need to be followed to start own reseller business. The most convenient as well as mostly used steps to start own reseller business is described in the following:people might not be familiar to web hosting, email, etc. It is suggested that a thorough research and studies must be done in order to make that first move into web host reselling. Reselling is just like any other business and will require hard work, effort and startup funds to get a powerful computer, high speed internet, dedicated phone line, tax license, company name bank account, merchant account, private work area. Choose the best hosting plans you can choose and afford and the target number of expected customers you feel that can receive services from you, must be estimated, this helps in growth plans and future organizational planning. 

Getting a good and reliable web host is very important and through research needs to be done of following grounds; reputation of the company, presence of own datacenter, quality of service, support for working platform, software options, monthly charges, etc. It is very important to learn and understand software to manage various functions. Set the perfect price for services and products offered to attract customers but also remembering not to price too high or too low. Building an e-commerce website with a functional helpdesk for inquiries and other demands are not that much critical now a days. 

Remember to make business documents clear, correct and customer friendly.
There can be many pros and cons to this form of business but knowledge of which is very important. Some of them are described in brief here: means to earn residual income, less equipment to purchase, business compatibility with other services like website, design, etc., ease of work as there is no physical office, not compulsory to meet clients, it is a 24/7/365 business and can get irritating at times, complete knowledge is necessary to handle this very critical business activity etc.

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