SEO Basics

Search Engine Optimization:

Let us first understand What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or popularly known to be SEO is a technique of telling the search engines of what you web page is all about.

Its a technique of optimizing your web page to the niche (category/topic), your web page is all about, so that when the crawlers (bots) of search engine visit your page, understands them and shows up in the search results when someone searches for the same niche/topic/words.

Now what does the Search Engine Do by visiting your web page?

Search engines send auto bots / Crawlers to your web page and does Crawling (Reads the web page)Caching (Save a copy with time stamp) &  Indexing (Saves the copy in its system to show in search results).

To Check which page has been latest cached by google/bing, type in search bar:

cache: URL (the URL you need to check)

There are some terms that you need to know them first to be able to understand SEO:

1. Domain Authority (DA)
2. Page Authority (PA)
3. SandBOX
4. Alexa Rank
5. Keywords
6. Keyword density
7. Title, Body, Meta Desc, Focus keyword
8. Sitemaps XML/HTML
9. Page Rank
10. Image ALT tags and TITLE

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