In today’s fast moving as well as technologically advanced life there is a huge importance of web site and hosting the same for the person who are related to online activities for growing their business. Everyone who is related with web searching, buying, selling and everything else on the web finds web hosting as an important service to carry on their work without mush hazards as well as in a convenient way too. Most people want to sell or purchase at ease and hence the demand for new websites are increasing day by day to satisfy their needs. To make any website accessible from any part of world one specific service is required to be availed which is commonly known as web hosting. There are lot of companies present in the web market which are providing this kind of service are known as web hosts. They offer this service by providing limited or unlimited space on the server according to the plan or package offered by them. To know the availability of a website we must know the percentage of public accessibility through the internet as compared to the other.

There are many type of web hosting technology which is available right now in the web market. Every technology is web hosting is unique by their features as well as application purpose too. Some of the most common web hosting technologies which have huge demand in today’s market is discussed in the following: Managed hosting service which refers to a specialised type of web hosting service which does not offer its user to get the full control over the web server. Re seller web hosting allows customers to become web hosts which may vary in size. Users of this web hosting service have their own dedicated server. Dedicated hosting service is quite costly as well as specialised web hosting service providing its users web server with full control as well as making the user responsible for security and maintenance of their own server. There is another web hosting service which is named as Co-location web hosting service. This is quite similar to dedicated web hosting, but the main difference is the user owns the server which makes this web hosting service the best and most expensive type of web hosting. Being a new type of hosting form, cloud hosting is powerful, reliable, safe form of the hosting services. This web hosting is not getting affected by the natural disasters as well as other calamities.

Apart from these, there are some other webhosting services which are as follows. The same content can be hosted by many servers in the case of clustered hosting service. Being a perfect solution for highly dedicated hosting, this service helps in better resource utilization. Distributed hosting with the help of nodes is known as grid hosting service. Shared web hosting services is one in which one website is placed on a server in which there are many other sites, service provided on this type of server is very poor and basic and not flexible with updates and software. Free web hosting services is offered by different companies with limited services, sometimes there are a number of ads and may have a lot of restrictions as compared to paid hosting.

Types of Web Hostings:

Reseller Web Hosting
Joomla Hosting
Unlimited Web Hosting
VPS Hosting
Cheap Domain Hosting
Dedicated Server Hosting