How to Feast Your Fat Away

Losing weight has become compulsory for every individual for the recent days. No one wants to be fat especially womens. Everyone wants to copy Bollywood and look slim trim so they apply many ways to lose weight but some get success and some fail to lose and even gain over weight. There are many ways to lose weight like excising every morning, going for walk, doing fast, eating only fruits and vegetables, GM diet, Ramdev Baba Yoga, simple yoga, aerobics and many types of medicines. But after all this many fail to slim down as they could not take over these methods correctly or stop in middle. Other way to burn fat is feast your fat away but is it a good diet program?

Feast your fat away by Nate Miyakihas promised to give their customers a way to eat your way thin with no starving no fasting, no leaving food, no crazy eating food plans and no exercise required. It is divided into many steps and lessons that exactly allow you to manage the schedule so that it works for you like an individual as diet programs are usually not a one size fits all products. 

Some of its plans are:-

·        FEAST AT NIGHT:- As you aware of the fact that in other diet chart and weight loss mantra they say to eat light at night and eat 2 hours early before sleep. It is the exact thing they recommend us to do at night as according to them if will eat more and sleep just after eating then you will put on many fat but Feast recommends that in your diet plan you should include largest meal as eating your largest meal at night not only satisfies you psychologically but it makes easier for you to eat lighter during day. As they think that if they will eat heavy during night their stomach will be filled and so during day there will be no chance of heavy food or junk food. In fact they say to remember the rest and digest mantra which means the time you eat largest meal at night then you have many hours after sleep that will digest you meal. And so eating at night will make you far less likely to eat junk foods during day.

·         STAY ATTENTIVE AND ALERT DURING THE DAYTIME: - As you know eating largest meal at night is recommended so to take care of yourself stay attentive at day time. Don’t move here and there for any type of food. Eating light during the day improves your mental alertness and cognitive function.

·         SLEEP GOOD HOURS: - Sleeping helps your body to digest food and give your body sufficient energy that you need also refuels your energy reserves and allows your muscles to tighten and body tissue to build and repair. It fills you up with energy and boosts your body. Sleeping makes food to their right position. So they recommend taking quality sleep.
·         Lose more fat: - Feast recommend you that eating largest meal and light during day will lose your fat and burn it more. They are providing scientific proof that says true that feast is a best way to lose obesity.

There are some pros and cons in this way of losing weight.

Pros are as follows:

·         It is a great anti fad diet program for those people who are tired of following other ways of weight loss to lose unwanted pounds. These program just steps up to some simple basic way to lose weight which works for you leaving behind a remarkable result and fundamentally sound diet program which can be use any time by any individual of any age for their whole lifetime.
·         It has resulted to a very affordable diet regime which is not costly can be followed without any pressure. Clients experience success and stories are showcased all throughout the program.
·         Allows certain level of freedom and flexibility with the programs that works and give results to us first and system programs second.
·         Feast your fat away gives you different option to choose out it means there are ways for you to choose out the one that suits best for you and your preferences of your personal lifestyle.
·         People who exercise a lot day and night do not need to exercise in this plan to see results.
·         You should restrict yourself from eating the junk foods whichice cream, chocolate, pizza you are getting a day in full week when you can choose any thing to eat which were restricted on other days like.

Some cons state that:-

Feat your fat away is not a miracle cure. It’s just a natural way to lose your weight as it takes time to lose. It does not promise to actually lose weight in weeks or months but it’s a natural way to lose the extra fat. It’s a genuine way of turning around your eating habits for good cause and seeing you drop fat in meantime too.


Feast your fat away is a natural and gradual way which improves your eating habit and also loses weight in an innovative way. You should not expect the result within a very short period of time though you will surely get the effective after maintain the proper habit for some days. It does not give any effect to your body so you should just give it one try like other steps you are trying out with lot of efforts day and night. 

Just apply this process for two months and you will see result soon but if not seen any your money will be given 100% back in 60 day money back guarantee. But before that give it a chance and try it out once. They take all responsibilities about your health and care for you then why you wait with your weight. Just lose it by this simple affordable way. Get it on Nate Miyaki Feast your Fat Away store as a downloadable electronic eBook.

Detox/Cleansing Plan (usually followed for 5 days):

Early Morning:
1 cup luke warm water with a squeeze of lime (1/2 tsp honey)

1 cup tea/coffee (use skimmed milk +1/2 tsp sugar)
2 Slice whole wheat bread OR 1 Chapati with 1 egg white or skimmed milk paneer/cheese 30 gms.
1 medium bowl upma with egg.

Mid morning:
1 glass lemon water or 1 glass fresh fruit juice.

2 Chapati or 1 small bowl brown rice.
+1 med bowl cereals / cheese or non-veg
+1 bowl salad
+1 bowl vegetables
+1 glass of buttermilk (chaach)

1 cup Green Tea+1/2 tsp sugar
+2 Digestive biscuits/ handful of chana.

7:00 pm:
1 Fruit- (apple/pineapple/pear/guava)

2 Chapatis (of multi grain flour)
+ 1 small bowl cabbage OR bottle gourd OR grean leafy vegetable
+100 gms chicken oasted/grilled/steamed)

General Dietary Guidelines for All:

  • Drink at least 2-3 Ltrs of water everyday.
  • Salads and Curds are compulsory for lunch and dinner.
  • Maintain regularity in diet and exercise for good weight loss results.
  • Do not be a temptation victim. Eat small frequent meals at regular intervals of 2-3 hours.
  • Avoid fasting.
Foods to Avoid:

  • Deep fried/oily Foostuffs.
  • Whole milk / full cream milk to be avoided and its produces like Sweets / Ice-creams / milk shakes / Cheese / Puddings / Cakes/ Pastries, etc.
  • Sugar products like Jams, Jellies, Soft Drinks, Sweetened Canned Fruit Juices, Nuts, and Oilseeds -Coconuts, Groundnuts, Til etc.
  • Pasta, Macronis, Noodles, Burgers, pizza, Khari Biscuits.
  • Vegetables- Potato, Sweet Potato, Suran, Green Peas, Raw Banana.
  • All dry fruits to be Avoided completely except 2-3 Almond/walnuts can be taken on Daily Basis.
Instructions to Follow while cooking Food for Diet:

  • Reduce as much oil content of your meal as much as possible.
  • Chapatis could be prepared without using oil/Ghee.
  • Steamed rice is preferred over Pulavs /Biryanis or fried Rice.
  • Oil allowance per day is only 2 Tbsp.
  • Milk should be Boiled, Refrigerated overnight and cream removed before use.
  • Use skimmed milk as far as possible.
  • Prefer Cow's milk over any other milk Source.
  • Sugar allowance 1-2 Tbsp. per day.
  • Use only Cow's milk made cheese as far as possible. Otherwise avoid eating Cheese.

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