A guide to Plus Size clothing for Women.

Fashion runs by its own special rules and those rules have never been fair to plus size women. Most of the brands and e commerce websites don’t have options for plus size women. Those who are larger than the size 12 have fewer choices. In fact, the actresses and models, who gain weight after certain point are denied all the work and are given to their thinner competitors. May be that is the reason, actresses work really hard to stay in shape.

It is a proven fact that, It becomes very embarrassing for a plus size woman to go out for shopping. Our market is ignoring a whole lot of women. According to them it is dehumanizing to be Plus size or they shouldn’t exist only. Shopping for plus size women is highly insulting and demoralizing. Its becoming difficult for women to shop, they have to look for new places to shop. There is no new style in their clothes.

For decades, retailers have treated women who wear plus sizes as an entirely different species of shopper. There have been special sets of rules for selling and guiding them, so they could look slim: Avoid bright colours, avoid white, avoid horizontal stripes and many more. In this article we will be breaking all the myths around plus size women and encourage them to wear whatever they want to.

Here are the few ideas to wear whatever they want to without looking fat. Have a look and get ready to change your mind.

Wear white as much as you want

It is a myth that white makes you look fat and black bakes you look thin. When you are buying clothes for yourself, you should always take care of the fit and not colour. White won’t make you look fat, if you have the right piece and black won’t make you look slim if it does not fit you properly. A fit of the dress matters a lot. When shopping for white clothing, you should always go for substance and structure materials. They will not only provide you support, but that extra thickness will ensure your flabs won’t pump out. Avoid materials like flimsy and thin fabrics, which can highlight your inner wears in lights and sun.

Button Down shirts complement curves

Yes people, if you are looking to wear shirts that can make you look slim, button down shirts are the best. Look for the fabric that has stretch and design details, which can create you body shape and make you look thin. Another thing which you can do with your shirt is carry blazer, jacket, cardigan or shrug along with the shirt, which will shrink the appearance of your midsection and elongate you.

Don’t follow trend, set your own trend.

The trick is to adapt a trend in a way that works for your shape. You don’t need to follow all the latest trends, instead set your own trends. If you really want to wear a crop top just like Alia Bhatt. Opt for one that’s cut longer and pair it with a high-waisted pencil skirt. Want to give color-blocking a go? Wearing multi-toned pieces can be slimming if the vertical panels and darker shades are positioned on the areas that you want to downplay. Even hard-to-pull-off harem pants get the green light. Never ever say that you can’t wear this and you can’t wear that. How do you know if you haven’t tried? Let me tell you, you can wear anything, but you should know how to carry it. You might have already dismissed something that could be your best friend.

The bigger the better.

Bulk isn’t in anymore. If you think it will hide your flabs, then you are wrong. Instead it will make you look large and inappropriate. Show your shape in a clothing that follows your curves and not baggy. With new technology, fabrics have the perfect amount of stretch to give a smooth and sexy look. If you wear items with more volume and team them up with something fitted is okay. Volume on either the top or bottom is okay, as long as it’s not all over.

Stripes are the new black

Don’t go for horizontal, chunky or straight across stripes. Look for stripes that angle inward to help slim your waistline. Thinner stripes tend to make you look svelter than thick ones do, and a dark background with lighter-colored stripes is far superior to the other way around.

Adorn your outfit by layering a solid foundation of proper fitting undergarments.

Well fitting bras and panties are a must to avoid awkward lumps and bumps under clothing. Take the time to get measured at a specialty store to get under garments tailored to your shape. Try shape-wear for under skirts, dresses, and blouses to smooth your stomach and thighs. Many offer variations of camisoles and shorts to fit your needs.

Add colours to your life

We all know that black makes us slim, but as discussed earlier, don’t rely on it much. Find clothing in colors you prefer, no matter the hue. Don’t hide yourself under dull colors. Just because a color may be dark or smoggy doesn’t mean it makes you look smaller; contrariwise, bright colors don’t necessarily make you stand out or appear larger.

Add accessories to your outfit

Find pretty jewelry to match your style. Avoid pieces that are too small as they give the appearance of being out of proportion. You can also try something new like a belt around the waist highlights an hourglass figure, while a scarf or headband will frame your face.

You face can do wonders

Keep your face clean and tidy. A light coat makeup is appropriate for a day. A lipstick nd kajal can enhance your face and make you look stunning. Keep you face looking its finest, as it is the focus of your body.

Take Care

It doesn’t matter how you weigh, what matters is how you see yourself. Eat well, exercise well and stay confident. Things will automatically take place and trust us, you will look stunning in the party tonight.

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