Embrace yourself in these lovely Dresses!

Who doesn’t like dressing up and grabbing all the attention of onlookers? I am sure all of us. We stand in front of mirror for hours and make sure we look perfect before leaving our home. We search for the best outfit at the mall to look best at the party. We spend loads of bucks to buy the best dress and make sure none of your friend gets to know, what’s there in your shopping bag. If dressing up is your style mantra and you love reading about fashion, let’s perhaps talk about every piece of dress that you have ever come across or adorned on an evening party. Here we get to you your personal guide to different western dress styles that have been through the fashion world and let you choose which one fits best for your wardrobe and dressing style. Go on and find one for yourself!!!

Tube Dress

Theses dresses are little tricky and difficult to carry. You need to quite conscious while carrying them as they don’t have straps or any support unlike other dresses. They fit at your bust and go straight like a tube. If you are planning to buy this one, make sure you have good strapless bra or a buster. Don’t go for transparent straps as they will end up looking cheap. These kinds of dresses can make your figure look extremely sexy. Girls, who are slim and have straight figures, should avoid wearing these kinds of dresses. So, next time you are planning to go out for party, make sure you go in tube dress.

Low High Dress

This kind of dress is long from the back and short from the front and is flare in nature. These dresses are very fashionable and have the good following. This dress doesn’t have any specific body type. Anyone can wear it. They can be worn on casual as well as on formal events, it all depends which dress do you pick.

Bodycon Dress

These dresses are tight fitted and body hugging. They have a stretchable fabric and makes your figure extremely sexy. This kind of dress can define your body curves and makes you look slim. Usually made of lyrca or blended polyester it fits tight at the bust and the hip area. The hem lengths vary-Upper thigh, mid-thigh or knee. Make sure you choose perfect innerwear or bodysuit before adorning this dress. You can wear this dress for a night party, cocktail party and even for a wedding. It looks very formal.

Long Dress

Well, if you are rising tall and wearing dresses makes you feel exposing, maxi and long dresses are ideal for you. Short girls might look petite, but still if you are planning to adorn it, wear heels along with it. These dresses are a style statement for all the tall ladies. You can wear it on any of the occasion including casual getaways.

Midi Dress

This can do wonders for you, we can bet you can pull a midi dress just as successful as any other. A midi generally ends somewhere between your knees and mid-calf. If you want to look slimmer, choose a dress that ends at the slimmer part of your legs and midi is one of them. This kind of dress is casual in nature, so you can wear it on any day.

Kaftan Dress

A kaftan fits loose and is usually made in flowy fabrics (Chiffon or net) with flared sleeves. Usually worn with leggings or a palazzo, you can go in a different lane and convert it into a Dress going without any contrasting bottoms. These are super comfy and best suited for a casual lazy day out. They are also known as Sufi dress. Don’t forget to wear a statement jewelry along with Kaftan as they are little ethnic.

Little Black Dress

Someone said it right, “You are never under or over dressed in a little black dress”. You can wear this dress at any time, at any moment and at any event. The best thing about this dress is you can wear it as many time as you want and still look different every time. All you have to do is carry cool accessories with this dress like statement necklaces, belts and sexy footwear.

Sweater Dress

We are talking summer dresses. But we cannot leave winters behind. Sweater dress is a must for every woman. Perfect for a day out, sweater dresses are usually made in the same knit fabric as sweaters and are body hugging. These cling tight to you and are stretchable with a coarser fabric. Pair a plain sweater dress with a statement belt for perfect chic looks.

Peplum Dress

In this dress, the top part usually has an extra flowy fabric, which is known as peplum that flows out of the fabric. It is good for the women having little tummy.

Doll Dress

These dresses are fitted from the top and flowy from the bottom. These dresses give you young, girly and childlike look. Therefore, named as doll dress. One style tip we would like to give is, carry it casually. Tie your hair in bun messily or make a braid and go on with junk jewelry.

Danguree Dress

Danguree were jeans, which was worn by people doing physical work that had a bib attached to the trouser part. The modern world has a version for the girls as well with the trousers substituted by a skirt. Wear a cool pair of sneakers along with the dress and go out for clubbing or so.

Slit Dress

A dress with the slit is amazing and extremely fashionable. The dresses have long slit either in the front or on the sides making your legs look very hot. Theses dresses give an aura of sexiness. While adorning this dress, make sure your legs are moisturized and don’t forget to wear stilettos along with it.

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