Servlet Tutorial

Servlet Tutorial

Servlet a Java program which runs in J2ee servers and sends and receives HTTP protocol requests. Servlet reads the application request and then sent a response to the client.
Servlet is used to collect data inputs with the help of forms, web pages and create dynamic web pages that work on call to action. Servlet stores data existing record or creates a new one if defined.

Servlet History

It was built by Sun Microsystem in 1997, and the first version was published in June same year.  Now 2.3 version is maintained by Java community.

Before Getting Started

You must have knowledge of Core Java and some other crucial part of Java like Abstract, Interface, Exception handling, collection framework, etc. Basic knowledge of all above listed tutorials of Java is must.


Before reading Servlet, you need basic knowledge of Core Java and most important some topics are required like Abstract, Interface, Exception Handling, Collection Framework, etc.