What is actually Andropause

What is actually Andropause?

You may not be familiar with this term but it is also known as male menopause. It is also said to be a cause of the ongoing drop in testosterone. As men do not go throughout a well defined phase in life which is referred as menopause. The doctors refer this problem as androgen which incurs during the decline in the male aging. The Andropause is not well known in medical terms. At times many men make the ongoing changeover to lower testosterone levels and bioavailability.  A secure decline in testosterone levels with age (in both men and women) is well acknowledged. The decline in testosterone levels will be challenging, with testosterone dropping to levels too low to support finest health and well-being. In this modern lifestyle which has high stress levels and poor fitness and diet habits paired with an increased life expectancy have a substantial affect on the male body.

After knowing about the andropause the question would arise that what would be the symptoms of andropause? The major reason for andropause is the decline in testosterone in men. As men become old, not only does their body start making less testosterone, but also the levels of sex hormone binding the globulin (SHBG) increases. This also pulls the functional testosterone from the blood and begins to increase. The testosterone which is not bound to the hormone of SHBG is called bioavailable testosterone that means it is available for use by the body. The men who are familiar with the symptoms related with andropause have lowered the amounts of bioavailable testosterone in their blood. Hence, tissues in the body that are encouraged by testosterone obtain a lower amount of it, which may cause a range of physical and probably mental changes in a person.
By means of the mens hormone-producing glands which are forced to work harder and longer. It would not be a surprise if the hormones become imbalanced over time. Andropause is a lifelong condition that can be differentiated by panic attacks, hot flashes, cold sweats and mood swings which can occur among men with very, very low testosterone levels.

Signs and Symptoms of Andropause:

  1. Thinning and drying of skin
  2. High cholesterol and/or blood pressure
  3. Depression, condensed muscle mass
  4. Weaken sex drive
  5. Complexity with memory and concentration,
  6. Constant exhaustion
  7. Increase in body fat especially in the stomach, upper body and hips
  8. Sleeplessness and other sleep disturbances.


What could be the preventive measures to cure the andropause symptoms? It may be cured through the bioidentical hormone replacement treatment. The consequence of a decrease in testosterone levels is question and its treatment with substitution is controversial. If the testosterone levels go low, the replacement therapy of testosterone may help to ease these symptoms. This treatment may give relief from the andropause and help get better the excellence of life in many cases. The changes in lifestyle like as practicing exercise, reduction of stress, and good diet also help. Further, you need should consult your doctor which will help you decide that the treatment for testosterone is necessary or not, as replacement treatment does have risks.

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