How to choose right kind of heels

It has always been quite fascinating for all of us to look like page 3 divas wear those hot heels but my dear its not that easy to carry them like a model.There are many points that should be kept in mind while selecting the right pair of shoes…and if it is about stilettos you need to be extra conscious.To begin with,we should spend a few minutes on deciding what matters more for us a) comfort b) appearance c) both of them.If you are among those who prefer comfort over style then you should go for wedges or platforms.If you lie in the second category,then you have lots of choices from wedges to stilettos. Here is the list that serves you according to your taste:


Top Pumps

They became a rage in 2013 and since then every girl looks up to them whenever they are planning to go to a party. They are quite comfortable as compared to those pencil heels which kill your feet like anything but at the same time it is essential that you choose them wisely( of your size).they can be paired up with western as well as traditional attires.


Wedges Sandals

Wedges Heels

They are available in two different types;wedges heels and wedges sandals.

wedges sandals are more comfortable as compared to wedges heels as they can be adjusted from the front. The straps in the front relax your feet a bit.


It is a long pencil like heels often seen in some boots. It varies from 2.5 cm to 25 cm or more. Its not easy to carry but adds on to your sex appeal. You might have observed actors carrying them with niche. These can be teamed up with any kind of attire if you are able to (pun intended).


Top Kitten Heels

If you want a mix of fashion and comfort then you can go for these cute heels as the name itself suggests.You can wear them even at your work place as you need something extremely comfy there. To all the working ladies you can thank us later(wink).


These can be seen from short to tall. The reason why they are called platforms is that there sole is very thick. These look good on traditional dresses.


The reason why girls love them is they get a chance to show their peppy nail paint and those pedicured feet. They look extremely good if paired with LBD`s.


The ohh so sexy feel,the ooze and the kinda confidence you get after you wear them drives men crazy. Pulling them over jeans in winters or wearing them beneath short dresses;either way you carry them they are never going to dissappoint you.



These are the kind of heels that cover your feet over the top giving you a different kind of look. These hot heels may differ in length and can be teamed up with pencil skirts to look their sexiest best.   

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