How to take a screenshot in iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus

iphone 7 screen
A lot of people buy I-phones everyday. Be it a new one or an outdated version; on either of them we can take screenshots in a similar way. I-phones have set up a benchmark in the mobile industry for its voice and picture quality. People use different apps in the same phone and feel the need to take screenshots to transfer or save the information here and there(for future use). 

Here I would tell you a few steps on how to screenshot on iphone screen and use it over apps.

Taking screen shot is quite easy in iphone 7 or iphone 7 plus, whether or not you are on call.
Take a look at the iphone:

screenshot iphone

You see a round button at the center marked as 1.

There is a power button on the right as shown and marked as 2.
The power button is also used to end calls.

Now to take the screenshot on iphone, you need to press both the button 1 & 2 simultaneously and release.

If you are on call, pressing both these buttons wont end up the call.

The screenshot gets automatically saved in the photos gallery of the phone.

screenshot iphone

You can use the screenshot wherever required by selecting it and sending it or opening up the gallery through app.