Signs and Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease is a heart disease associated with Coronary Artery which is the main blood vessel which supplying oxygen-rich blood to the heart along with the nutrients to the heart. Then after, heart will pump the purified blood to the all parts of the body. This disease is caused due to the accumulation of the plaque (plak), inside the walls of the coronary artery blood vessel. This plaque interrupts the flow of blood to reach the heart, this implicates to the heart attack or heart strokes. Basically, arteries are smooth and elastic in nature, but due to the formation of plaque, they become narrow and rigid. 

This tends to the restriction of the flow of blood from reaching to the heart. On account of this, heart starves from oxygen-rich blood and nutrients. This weakens the muscles of heart and lead to “Heart Failure” and “Arrhythmias”. This is the condition, where heart cannot pump enough blood, which is insufficient to the body’s requirement. The name Arrhythmias itself denotes with the rate of rhythm of the heart beat, means irregular heart beat.

If the plaque in the coronary artery raptures, blood clot will be formed on its surface. This large blood clots in the artery, causes complete blockage of the blood to flow. This leads to the “Heart attack”, and sometimes causes death. If the blood clots in brain vessels, causes to the “Brain Stroke”. Sometimes it leads to death, if the brain vessel burst due to the rupture of blood clot. Because of all these effects, Coronary Artery Disease is also called as “Ischemic Heart Disease”, “Atherosclerotic Heart Disease”, “Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease”.

The grounds of this disease includes many factors like Smoking, family history, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, lack of exercises and high blood lipids. Because of day-to-day busy schedule, people are under pressure. This resulting in stress and depression in many people, and these factors are playing a vital role in causing Heart Attacks in very early ages.

Chief Signs and Symptoms of CAD:

The symptoms of this disease are mostly recognised with chest pain, which is called as “Angina”. Chest pain occurs because of not getting enough oxygen-rich blood to the heart. This pain will be very severe, which feels like pressure and squeezing in the chest. This chest pain gradually spread to shoulders, arms, neck, jaw and back. 

Breath rate will also be decreased. In some people, this disease will have silent symptoms which are diagnosed until the person gets affected with heart attack or heart failure or an arrhythmia. The patient affected with this disease will always feel sick and uneasy, vomiting, light-headedness/fainting, breaking out in a cold sweat. The patient will also experience with lack of proper sleep, fatigue, and lack of energy.

This disease can be prevented by following healthy diet, more physical activities, maintaining healthy weight of the body, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, controlling blood pressure by doing meditation, control of Diabetes, taking proper medication which is prescribed by the doctors. Everyone should follow some food habits to prevent this disease like limiting the usage of salt intake in daily supplements, and eating low fat and high fibre diet is recommended along with fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. 

Avoid eating food containing saturated fats, which leads to the increase in the cholesterol levels in blood. Foods rich in good cholesterol are suggested to eat like oily fish, avocados, nuts and sprouted seeds, vegetable oils. In general, the person who follows healthy diet will have healthy body.

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