Signs and Symptoms of Jock Itch

Signs and Symptoms of Jock Itch

Jock Itch is a fungal infection which mainly affects the groin area of the human body. This disease not only affects groin but also it may affect inner thigh as well as adjacent skin including scrotam in males. This is usually seen mostly in males and occasionally in females too. This is also known as tinea cruris or ringworm of groin. This disease is occurred by the growth and spreading of particular type of fungus in the groin area mostly seen in adult men as well as boys of adolescence stage. It is sometimes accompanied with athlete’s foot and ring worm also. 

The fungus causing his disease is more effective in the warm as well as moist areas. The main cause for the occurrence of this disease is the formation of moist area in the skin fold due to sweat as well as frequent friction of clothes. It is a contagious disease which may spread from one person to another by skin contact or by clothes which is already touched in the affected area. The doctors usually diagnose this disease by the observation of the affected skin though there is not any specific test to detect this disease but culture or skin lesion biopsy or potassium hydroxide test may be used for the quick diagnosis of the disease. 

This disease can easily be cured by making the affected area dry always and wear clothing with loose fittings which don’t rub the affected area. The medicine which are usually used for the treatment of this disease miconazole, clotrimazole, & tolnaftate etc. 

                       This disease is solely a skin disease showing more sign rather than the symptoms. The signs which are appeared as a result of this disease may easily be observed and earlier treatment helps to cure the same within a short period of time. IF this disease is not treated in the preliminary period it may make the patient very much uncomfortable due to irritation. 

The commonly reported symptoms of this disease are described in the following:

·         The most seen symptom of this disease is the itching in groin area as well as in thigh skin folds & anus too.
·         Some red coloured patches which is raised on the skin and may ooze or blister in the later stage.Sometimes sharply defined edges are found which belongs to the patches.
·         Appearance of abnormally dark or light skin in the area which surrounds the affected portion.
·         More irritation occurred to the rashes if they are not treated properly in the preliminary time.
·         Sometimes the breakdown of the skin occurred which results into uncomfortable feeling of the person who is suffering from this disease.
·         The rash appears as raised red plaques (platelike areas) with sharp borders. Tiny pimples may also appear at the sharp borders.

·         If this infection cause by the yeast then the rashes become more reddish in colour as well as moist too this may affect the tip of the skin of the penis too.

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