Signs and Symptoms of Scabies

Signs and Symptoms of Scabies

Scabies is skin infection which leads to itching. Scabies is caused by mite a type of small insect. The name of the insect mite is Scarcopte scabie. Mite is a parasite. Scabies is a skin disease which cases intense itching. The scientific name for scabies is Scarcoptes scabiei or (VAR HOMINIS). Scabies is most commonly found in United Kingdom (UK) and it is found also in urban or (village) areas.

Scabies is a transferable disease which can be transferred from one person to another by direct contact with the effected person. Scabies are mostly transmitted through the long contact with the persons those who have the infection of the parasite. A person cannot be affected by hugging or shaking hand with the effected person within a quick time. It is passed in the person is attached with another person with a long lasting time up to 20minutes. Sometimes scabies is said as sexually transmitted disease, it can be transmitted sexually if the people having sex have a long time contact with each other with exposed skin. Scabies can get transmit by sharing infected persons bed and clothes.

The mite parasite can live up to 24 hours outside the skin. There are two types of mites male mites and female mites. The female mite is bigger than the male mite. The female mites enter in the skin and lay eggs. The symptoms of the scabies are due to the respond of the immune system to the parasite.
The disease also affects the normal physiological features of the human. Thats why some abnormal symptoms may be fou8dn in the body of the affected person. Symptoms of this disease usually appeared after 2-6 weeks of the exposure of the causative agent but in some it takes 1 week time also.  

Symptoms which are commonly found in the body of the person who is affected by the disease are described in brief in the following:

  • Itch it is the main pain arose due to the outcome of the disease which is also known as pruritus. The itching trend gets worse after hot shower at night mostly. The patient feels very much uncomfortable due to this symptom.
  • The red rashes are seen on the skin of the affected person and rashes are mostly on the nipples of the women, inside the thighs, on the parts of the stomach and armpits.
  • Appearance of pimple type of rashes which may be confined to a specific portion of body or spread into different parts of the body like armpits, butt locks, nipple, wrist, waist, elbow etc.
  • The common sites of the human body which are mostly affected by this disease is the neck, sole, palm, head, face etc.
  • As the immune system gets weakened so the mites tend to present in a large amount in the body fluid of the affected person which is known as Norwegain Scabies.
  • Not only the person affected by this disease show physical signs and symptoms but also mental abnormal symptoms may also be found due to the outbreak of this disease. Anxiety as well as depression arises with the advancement of this disease which cannot be controlled by the application of the medicines.

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