What Your Choice of Shoes Say about You

What Your Choice of Shoes Say about You

to know a woman’s personality by the choice of her footwear isn’t rocket
science, if you know what to look for. In every woman’s closet there are sure
to be different variety of shoes meant for different moods and occasions.
However, amongst the different array of shoes, there are some specific pairs
that you feel most comfortable in. This choice of shoes is what holds the key
into what a woman’s character is like.

are some types of classic shoes and their significance to your personality:

1.      The Ballet Flat: If this kind of shoe is yourfavorite pair, it denotes
that you are the kind of person that is concerned with
getting things done. This could range from a “long walk to happiness” to an
unexpected meeting with a client. In your circle of friends, you are regarded
as being trustworthy and dependable. Your friends look up to you for advice
because you appear rational and wise.

2.     The pump

3.     The Casual sneaker

4.     The Wedge

5.     The athletic shoe

6.     The fancy heel

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