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It's all about food..

In India and all around the world food is a way to celebrate and enjoy. There are special food items for different occasions. Therefore to celebrate the spirit of food we bring you the list of really delicious and spectacular food delicacies.
Indian recipes which include chicken recipes ( chicken core ingredient )
Chicken recipes have always been a special food item for all non vegetarians and it's absence makes any kind of celebration incomplete. So here is few mouth watering chicken treats;
Teekha Murg :

·         Add musturd oil in a pan , then add onion and garlic paste and heat it .
·         Now add chopped onion ,tomatoes, and green chillies.
·         Stir fry and add curry leaves and crush them.
·         Now finally add the boneless chicken cubes, tomato paste and stir for some time.
·         Add dry spices and leave it for cooking on low flame.
·         After cooking , add crushed curry leaves, stir once and garnish with coriander.
·         Serve hot.

Butter chicken
·         In a mixing bowl add red chilli powder, salt , ginger garlic paste and curd .
·         Put chiclet in this mixture overnight for marination.
·         Roast the marinated chicken in tandoor.
For gravy
·         Add white butter in a pan and heat .
·         Add tomato purée and cumin seeds.
·         Then add salt to taste and red chilly flakes.
·         Add fenugreek leaves.
·         Put chicken in the gravy and cook.
·         After it's cooked , garnish with coriander and serve hot.

Masala chicken lollipop
·         For chicken
·         Marinate the chicken  with salt ,red chilly powder, and oil.
·         In a pan add cooking oil and sear the lollipops in the pan from all sides and partially cook the chicken lollies.
For base
·         Add a tablespoon of refined or olive oil then add all dried spices like mustard seeds, onion and curry leaves.
·         Add masalas as per your taste and flavors , add chicken lollies and simmer it for some time.
·         Add jaggery , lemon, tamarind , and cook until chicken is tender and well cooked.
·         Garnish with fresh cream and coriander.
·         Serve hot.
Pickle recipes
Indian cuisine and food is known for its spicy ,tangy and delicious taste. To personify all three terms spicy , tangy and delicious “pickles” are the best option. Below are the few secret recipes of Indian traditional pickles which have their unique place in every meal of Indian cuisine:
Gajar ka aachar ( carrot pickle)
·         Peel the carrots and cut them into 7cm pieces .
·         The pieces should not be too thin nor too thick, each equal to a finger's diameter.
·         Prepare a mix of mustard oil, chilly powder, mustard seeds and salt to taste.
·         Now pour the cut carrot pieces in this mixture and place the entire mix in a jar , close the lid and keep in the sun for few days.
·         Enjoy the delicious gaazar ka aachar with your meal , specially in winters.

Nimboo ka aachar :
·         Take fresh lemons , wash them and cut them into four pieces.
·         Now mix salt , red chilly powder, asafoetida, and sugar( optional).
·         Now put the cut slices in this mixture .
·         Keep the entire mixture in jar for 1  month in sun.
·         Serve with every meal to add X factor to your food.

Ginger pickle
·         Cut raw ginger in thin slices.
·         Mix the juice of 10- 20 lemons as per your sourness desire.
·         Add a pinch of vinegar
·         Add 3-4 tablespoon of salt to taste.
·         Now add ginger julienne in this mixture and keep it for 2 hours , as the ginger turns pink , the pickle is ready.
·         Serve with plain paratha or nan and relish tangy flavors.

·         Dinner recipes

·         At the end of day a happy and rich meal can make your sleep more comfortable and sweet , therefore here is a list of few dishes which will lighten up your hearts and make your taste buds go absolutely wild.

Salsa sauce with plain paratha

·         Take 4-6 ripe tomatoes and boil them.

·         Now stain the tomatoes out of the boiler and peel .

·         After peeling , grind the tomatoes to make a tomato puree.

·         Now put 3-4 tablespoon of mustard oil in a  and heat.

·         Now add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, finely chopped capsicum ,onion, ginger &garlic and green chilly .

·         After all the veggies in the pan are partially cooked add the tomato puree , salt , garam masala  and cook for 10 min.

·         After it's cooked. Switch off the flame and get ready for preparing g plain paratha .

Plain paratha

·         Knead the wheat flour dough with a bit of asafoetida ,salt  and cumin seeds.

·         Now make paratha and serve hot with salsa sauce.

Makhni paneer biryani
This is yet another special rasoi king which makes the dinner meal special and delicious.
·         Cut the paneer cubes and stir fry in ghee.
·         In a pan add cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and mace.
·         After the whole spices are cooked and start crackling add onion, chilies, ginger & garlic paste .
·         Now add powdered garam masalas, and any other masala as per your taste.
·         Now add tomato puree.
·         Simmer the mix for few minutes then add cream and cashew .
·         Finally , add vegetarian’s love paneer and cook it for 8- 9 minutes.
·         In a greased baking tray or handi layer up the prepared gravy and rice one above the other, cover with foil and heat for 20-30 minutes.
·         It' ready , serve hot .

Breakfast recipes
Breakfast means ‘ breaking a fast of 12 hours of happy sleep’, therefore it’s necessary the breakfast in the early morning should be healthy and delicious.

Whistle cutlet
·         This is a traditional Indian breakfast recipe.
·         Soak chana dal overnight and grind it finely to make a thick paste. Add salt , pepper, red chilly powder, dried mango powder to the paste.
·         Now knead the wheat dough and make circular round chapattis , fill the chapattis with the chana dal paste, from one side and make conical pouches.
·         Now boil water in a boiler and put these pouches in boiling water.
·         Let it boil, check after 2-3 minutes , if on piercing with knife the knife comes out clean , it's cooked.
·         Take the pouches out , and cut each of them diagonally in whistle shape.
·         Prepare tadka with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chilies and sauté the whistle cutlets , in this tadka.
·         Serve hot with tea or cofee.

“Breakfast like a king , lunch like a worker and dinner like a beggar” is the best saying which defines a perfect healthy diet routine. So eat healthy ,tasty &stay fit.

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