ITEC104 – Final Research Essay Paper

ITEC104 – Final Research Essay Paper
Google is a company that has created a road map for what IT companies should be like; explain how Google can be considered to be one of the world’s best companies and at the same time one of the world’s most secretive organizations.

The evolution of telecommunications has gradually increased from computer equipment’s like transmission, hardware. The information technology involves manipulation, retrieval and storage of data.The development in technological distribution of various information through devices like television, radio and telephones are involved in information technology there are many companies which deals in technological advancement in the software and hard ware sector and also in the telecom industry, and semi-conductors, electronics and the usage and development of internet has increased wide range of possibilities. The companies like Google Inc. they have automated business process which is effective in productivity tools and is very efficient with the use of information technology.
Over the past decade there has been a lot of technology developmenthas been accelerated by the medium of communication and storage of information by humans has changed its modes and it is processed by usage of storage technology in the present level of technology the evolution from electronics, mechanical, is evolved to information technology. A lot of companies in the it world is achieving more success and increasing ideas through its solutions by giving advanced services working around the clock to offer the client its best IT services.
Google is considered as best company in IT sector for its development in technology, and advancement in new possible ideas and solutions using different technologies like internet, artificial intelligence giving best services in Information technology and has advanced precedence in the IT development services.

The google company is based in USA it has multinational cooperation’s which deals with mainly internet services and products like Cloud computing software, it has advanced internet search technology and offers advertisements through it medium, the company has generated lot of profit through advertisements.The google company was found in 1998, its main mission is to ensure that information reaches globally which gives accessibility of information to all people that can be use full to access information, store data and generate new possibilities of earning through technology.
Currently the Google company Head Quarters is situated in California. The google offers a lot of E-Commerce business to sell its products online, google is been an instrumental chain for businesses to sell it variety of products through it medium which has given a tremendous growth in chain of products. The growth has witness not only product selling but also partnerships through various organizations which uses its web search engine. The google company offers variety of online products such as Email, Office suite services like Word, Excel, Power Point, and also socialnetwork services. Google has increased its products for Desktops, Laptops, and it has various web browsing applications and it also gives instant messaging options, and storage of data and it also gives services for editing Photos (Duthel, 2008).
Google has also increased its development in operating systems such as android, it had a major role in developing operating systems.The company also has different Businesses and development in technology which includes operating systems such as Google Chrome which is a popular Browser which is used in every system and mobile devices. And I also entered in the production of hard ware products with manufacturing electronic devices which has given a way to manufacture its NEXUS mobile devices.
Google company is a part of Motorola company n development of mobility and it also has partnership with construction of fiber optics named as google fiber. This google fiber has increased its role in internet broad band projects to increase its different datacenters worldwide. Google runs different data centers which gives services around 1 Million servers and it generated 24 Petabytes of data for each user per day which is more than a million a search request(Cosser,2008).

Advancement in IT
Google is rated as a most visited website as per 2015 December in USA. The google sites are in top 10 worldwide sites along with blogger and YouTube which is owned and run b Google. Google is one of the best IT companies in the world because it has variety in services that company offers and advancement in technology services(Mills,2007).
Google has set a path for various companies to follow its own different ways of development and usage of technology through its solutions and services that are IT valuable, Google has contributed a lot of growth in information technology with its new approach of advancement in services and applications.

Google advertising Role in IT sector
Google has set a path in advertisement world, google earns 97% of its revenue from its different advertisements and videos, programs it has taken the organizations increase in marketing in innovating online approach through online advertisements making google as biggest marketing broker in the international world market.
Google has achieved this advertising program by double click which determines users interest by targeting the advertisements according to need of users. This has made google company to be best in the IT world among different companies to offer it services worldwide successfully.Google also has a fast tracking methods known as Google analytics which gives owners of the websites to tracking and view how many users are checking and using their website, it is been done through an examination as per click rates as per website owner’s requirements.
Google also advanced its services in online by making a program in two parts which enable the placing of third party in the website. Google also uses the google ad words which helps in connecting through content network and allowing various advertisements to be published in Google.This advertises is been viewed across the world through google platform which google company to earn per click based scheme to earn its income based per click or per view scheme (GEDDES, 2011).

Google search engines
The development of a service called a google search is one of the most popular services given by Google, it has developed advanced web search engine which is on top of the market in USA with 56% of usage by American people.There are many searches done every day for the information by the users which is attributed to google indexes which gives million f web pages to be searched based on the user requirements choosing any operator and key word.
Google also has an advanced image search engine which gives users a choice to enter their own keyword based on the requirement and retrieve same images from google data base, Google also has google Maps options which helps in navigation from one place to another for travelling to know the distance from particular place to the destination. This google maps is very use for users not only for navigation but also run a business such as taxies, cabs with the use of mobile application.It gives a new possibility for various organizations to use google map services as their business options in cab services. This navigation option gives user and customer to have benefit and calculation of time and distance by using google Maps(cosser,2008).
Google also has unique service called google news search the users can type the information and retrieve the data, new blogs and articles as per give keyword, date, it searches billions of news as per keyword from the data base in a fraction of second it retrieves data. Google also has video search engine which search engines, which searches video according to the video information entered into the search engine it retrieves the data. Google has also made advances web search engine options such as to search book as per given information, it retrieves list of similar book from the data base.
Google also has a feature called google flights which gives information about air travelling in which we can find flights available on a particular date, flights available from the source to the destination, we ca check airline times, seats available for number of persons and it also has options such as first call, business call, economic class as per requirement of user. Google also an advanced feature in its search engine for searching apps for desktops and mobile devices which can be used in various operating systems such as windows, Linux, android, IOS based devices.Google also has an option called search tools in which it helps users to retrieve data according to country and time range with results oriented option in the search engine.
Google has an advertising program called AD sense it is a contextual program that a website can use by placing a piece of code in the website blog that google to analyze the page and put ads on the topic, it gives high chance for users which reads the blogs they can click and view the information which increases blogger income by using ad sense where you can make money by making people search your website and also by referring google products.
Google has made an infrastructure for google app engine which is easy to build an application and maintain the scale of traffic and also data storage where there is no need of servers to store to maintain, just needs to upload the data into the google apps and users can use the app service. It gives dynamic web servicing automatic scaling and users to authenticate users by their user accounts.
Google has introduced android which has become most reliable operating system in the world, and google has recognized most of the searches take place on the mobile devices in future and building their own operating system it was a smart approach to make sure google products ae available on every mobile device. Currently there are millions of apps available for android in the app store in google that can be also downloaded from any third party websites(mills,2007).
The latest product of google is google TV the main reason for developing and implementing this product was to bring ad sales on TV which gives an open up a new revenue which will play a longer battle with Apple IOS products which makes company as one of the best companies one of the best in IT company in the IT industry.

Google company impact on IT world
Google has the world’s most secretive organization it has played an important role to set a path for different IT companies to grow their business by use of internet and online marketing a new solution approach by using the various technologies and bringing a new innovative idea google gives all users in the world and give security to the users by authentication which stands as a most favored web service option for users which gives information to the users and helps to increase the revenue of a business by using their platform (mills,2007).
Google being an innovative in its approaches it has also introduced google earth program which gives geographical information. It was in 3-D created by key hole company and google has owned the company in 2004 and made new solutions from satellites. It has three versions Google earth- that is a free version with limited functionalities and other two versions are google earth plus and google earth proGoogle has created road maps for IT companies to make use of different technologies for the businesses such as online mapping services which gives information to business according to specified area and it gives sales by making use of mapping services to generate revenue this listing mapping sites serve as an effective tool for prompting business of all scales through online. This google maps and API services has find new ways in the online market which promotes businesses to gain revenue by use of this series. The online listing services is able to find contact details by use of keywords with professional activities and location(Duthel,2008).
Google company has made a large impact on different IT companies by empowering access to information it is the best company in the world because the search engine of google indexes much of the world’s online information. When google didn’t create YouTube it brought video sharing in 18 months and in 2005 when YouTube started it is now used in 56 countries which has more than 100 hours of videos uploaded in very minute across the world.
Google being the most secretive organization in the world. It has best services and products available to access by the people across the world. The services such as goggle docs helps people to collaborate with each other by using text documents and slide shows. This tool is being used in various news rooms the google also has most effective tool called person finder it helps to track down a person who is in disaster, this tool was introduced in 2010 after Haiti earth quakes. Google has number of new project ideas and technology collaboration that impacts world for decades to come. Google has made an impact for IT companies to implement new solutions for different technological approaches by using different technology(cosser,2008).
Information technology which involves different mediums of telecommunications from retrieving to storage of data.Google has set a precedence in the IT development by being one of the best IT companies in the world by providing information technology services through its various products. It has made a way for different IT companies to create innovative products and applications by using online series by having accurate speed of algorithms and presentation of services by giving users a better technology experience from desktop to mobile devices google has made an impact with its products and it still innovating new wide range of projects that involves artificial intelligence in use of robotics and health care sector(all,2011).
It gives best way possibilities to seek through and develop an innovative products and applications for new IT companies and set a standard by its technological solutions and new approach giving users a new filed with technology and helping IT companies to grow in a broader aspect by creating products and giving services from manufacturing devices and also the use of information technology for marketing and the use of google analytics gives owners to track the website to track how many people are using the websites and services like google search engine, google maps, news, and advanced search tools and use of technology in operating system in mobile devices, google has made an impact of being one of the world’s best company which has high employee standards and creating road maps for different IT companies to innovate and bring solutions for requirements by building and generating revenue with different new possible approaches.