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In today's busy world where one always searches for a quick and easy way to sort data , excel has become a magic wand for all such multiple demands. 
With excel one can easily arrange and manage information of different types as per the convenience and use. With internet and sharing concept excel has changed many faces and there are yet many possibilities to explore in terms of its development.
If we observe a general trend then excel is a trusted name in terms of data management in all kind of forums , no matter it's hospitals, police stations , schools or multinationals . 
There have been many versions of Ms- excel with increasing demand and development in the way of data processing and sharing. With the release of updated versions regularly excel has become the topmost in the spreadsheet programs and is most popular among its users.
Therefore it becomes necessary to learn every fine details of excel to cope up with the current process and technique of data sharing , processing and managing. There are many online courses which make the task to learn excel online easier and possible for all. 
Excel function& applications
Ms office has user oriented interface which makes excel an easy and comprehensible program to deal with. It has vast number of inbuilt tools which makes working with bulk of data easier and quicker. The program has a range of tools for calculation and analysis of different type of data. The inbuilt features also help you to compare and analyze your data in more perfect and simpler way.
Charts and pictographs: The inbuilt chart and pictograph feature let’s you present your information in more impact way with pictorial and graphical presentation. This gives your data more professional and presentable look. 
There are long spreadsheets to fit your big and bulky data volume and simple formulas which help you to easily process and manage your data.  It even gives you the utility  to prevent redundancy and copying of your data and keeps it safe . 
In newer versions one can also find easier ways to share data and make attachments with your excel file.
There is no way you can prevent yourself from excel usage if you are a professional in any field . Almost all the professional areas no matter bigger or smaller use ms excel to store data thus excel function becomes necessity.
               Hospitals : Hospitals use excel sheet programs to keep up records of their patients.
               Libraries :  Imagine a librarian keeping the records of all the books in manual way, doesn’t it makes the task of record keeping much more challenging and time-consuming , obviously yes , therefore libraries use this excel program to keep the records of books.
               Defense : The security and defense department also use excel function to keep the track record of criminals .
               Schools : Schools also use ms excel records to keep the data of their students.
               Multinationals and corporate :It's obvious that big forums need special and accurate programs to manage their data and need trusted utility to share their data hence excel becomes the first choice in all such cases. 
               In research and other major professional sectors: In research forums and other professional areas also excel ranks one in the terms of usage.

Role of excel in your career
Ms excel certification can help your career to boost up and gain tremendous heights. 
Now a days there are many online firms which give methods to learn excel online. 
Many times recruiters even demand for a proper certification in the current latest version of ms excel to check your ability on that platform, therefore excel learning is a necessity to succeed in any professional arena. Even when you are in job but you lag behind because of your excel learning then it's never too late , anyone can learn excel online feasibly in less time . 
Excel learning is the solution to make your career boost up , also it has bright and shining future in terms of development and updated new versions. 
There will be absolute no downfall in the excel usage in different sectors therefore learn excel online to enhance your skill and make the analysis , processing and managing of your data easier and fun.