Water the Life Line

Water- the life line of life
Your body has whopping seventy percent of water content. Maintaining the same level is of prime importance. In fact, that percentage is almost same as that of water on the earth as well.
Water is essential.
A reduction in that percentage lands you in dehydration. That would be having a snowballing effect on your health. Proper functioning of every organ depends on the lubrication only water can provide.
Water- beyond Chemical formula
The whole concept that two atoms of Hydrogen (H2) and one Atom of Oxygen (O) makes a water molecule is correct- in chemical terms. But what our bodies require is much more than just H2O. We need to have many a mineral, metals and elements to build a healthy body. Typically they are Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Manganese, Zinc to name a few.
Natural Water
The safe water or river water is ideal as these contain most of essential minerals and elements. But the present pollution dominant in the earth, as well as atmosphere, is a deterrent factor in getting pure water. The mineral water from the source of the river is the ideal but difficult to bring that to your hands in that pure form.
The pH mystery
In fact, the pH (Hydrogen ion) in water is very critical. The pH value of pure water is 7 ( seven)  A marginal increase of the pH value to say 8 or 8.5 making the water alkaline can dramatically improve the health of people. A mineral source or a deliberate injection is the solution.
Water transfer and storage
Another alarming problem is the container holding water, for example, the PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) bottles that we get the bottled water can emanate carcinogenic chemicals in a short time. Ironically nowadays, the Lead pipes (Pb) are being replaced by PVC pipes to transfer water.  Of course, Lead is dangerous that can cause brain damage. A fair balance of the source, transfer, and storage are the critical criteria to be considered.
Water therapy
Chinese are credited with the water therapy system.  As their beliefs drinking 7 big glasses ( say 5 liters) as soon as you get up is the best treatment, you can ever give to your body. ( of course, there are criticism to this therapy as too much of water- beyond 70 percent of the body weight- can damage or dilute the brain).
The minerals play a much bigger role in our health. As a corollary, pure table salt contains just Sodium Chloride (Ns Cl). But we need much more than just Sodium Chloride to keep a balance- Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, etc. The unprocessed Himalayan Rock Salt or Celtic Sea salt are much better than the processed salt we are forced to take. Purification of water should be to eliminate toxic contents like Fluorine, Arsenic, Lead, etc. and not essential minerals. A few precautions during desalination can maintain the mineral contents 
Water - the lifeline of life
Nature has given all the necessary ingredients to keep one healthy and agile. In other words, nature provides the best lifeline. That includes natural water- if at all you can manage to get it. Water, the lifeline is essential for photosynthesis as well as respiration

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