W3schools html

W3schools html

W3schools is the one stop solution for learning, training and testing various web related skills.
W3schools html has features to make HTML , SQL , java , and many other web designing tools accessible to majority . It has lot of examples to make understanding easy. There are many examples to help understanding of tools and tags easy. One can use ‘try yourself ‘ option to check and improve skill readily.

Further readings :

·         HTML
·         Java script
·         SQL
·         PHP
·         W3.CSS
·         Boot strap.
·         Web templates.

1.       HTML : HTML is one of the most important language for creating web pages. W3schools html has well defined templates to make HTML easy to apply and learn. Online editing helps in creating error free HTML pages for your website. In w3schools html you can have thousands of references of URL coding , language codes, HTTP messages, character sets and color names.
2.       Java script : Java is one of the most demanded language in IT sector. Every app from bigger technological giants to newly established firms depend on java for coding.
 w3schools html has tutorials for basic to advanced level java learning.
Java is the language to generate behaviour of the web pages. It may seem that java and java script are same but in actual they differ in usage and behaviour. W3schools has all references of HTML and browser objects for easy JavaScript learning.
3.       SQL : Structured query language is the language to access database . It's a simple language. It's used for storing , retrieving data and manipulating  databases.
SQL tutorial on W3schools html will help you in MS-access, Informix, postgres, and Oracle.
4.       PHP : It's a server scripting language . It's used for making interactive web pages. It's free and widely used tool . It's a tough competition for Microsoft ASP. W3school html  has ‘show PHP' tool . it makes PHP source code and HTML output visible which makes comprehending easy.
5.       W3.CSS : It's specially designed CSS framework. It's very fast and responsive. Uniquely it is faster than other CSS frameworks. It provides for all browsers . Firefox , chrome, safari . Other than this it's compatible with almost all devices from PC , tablet to laptops and bigger modern devices.
6.       Boot strap : This is yet another development in the arena of web development. It's most popular framework for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It's free and easy to use. W3schools html has well defined tags to make bootstrap more feasible and easy.
7.       Web templates :  Thee are several predefined default web templates which you can use to design your web pages. All are w3.CSS based templates. There are templates as per the need of your project .  These are easy to modify, save and share.

W3schools html is one of the most trusted solution for all your web designing needs. So to learn HTML, CSs,w3.CSS , colors, bootstrap , icons and graphics log into the w3schools.com and enhance your web development skill. Its also helpful in analyzing web statistics. One crucial thing is it's free.

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