JSF navigation rule tutorial


Navigation in programming is way of transferring the control from one view to another.

Navigation rules in JSF framework:

JSF framework defines some navigation rules based on those view is render after an action is performed. A navigation rule can be defined in JSF configuration file faces-config.xml or in managed bean. JSF 2 framework provides the facility of implicit navigation for which no need to define navigation rules.

Types of navigation in JSF framework:

1. JSF implicit navigation.
2. JSF conditional Navigation.
3. JSF from-action navigation.
4. JSF page redirection navigation.

JSF Navigation Tutorial.

JSF implicit navigation rule.
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JSF conditional navigation rule.
JSF conditional navigation. JSF conditional navigation example. JSF conditional navigation tutorial. Conditional navigation in jsf 2.0.
JSF from-action navigation rule.
JSF from-action navigation rule example. JSF 2 navigation from action example. From action jsf navigation example tutorial.
JSF page redirect rule.
JSF page redirect rule. JSF navigation rule redirect. JSF navigation rule redirect example. JSF navigation rule redirect tutorial. Redirect navigation rule JSF.

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