MS Excel Copy and Paste

Copy & Paste in Excel Tutorial

Excel - Copy & Paste

You can easily copy and paste any text in MS Excel based on different ways.

Copy Paste

  • First, you have to select the cell or cells from where you want to copy the content. To copy, press Ctrl + C on the keyboard or right click and select the copy option from the list.
  • Next, choose the cell where you want to paste the content copied earlier. To paste, press Ctrl + V on the keyboard or right click and select the paste option from the list.
The above-explained method can be used to copy all types of content including text, formula, values, comments etc and if there is any content in the cells, the new content will overwrite it. If you want to revert, just press Ctrl + Z.

Copy Paste using Office Clipboard

Everything that you copy in Microsoft Excel saves into the Windows and Office Clipboard.. You can paste this content anytime without needing to copy again and paste it in the desired cells. Go to Home -> Clipboard to view the content in the Clipboard.

Copy Paste in Special way

This option is useful when you do not want to copy everything from the cell or cells like you may want to copy only the format of the cells or values only.
Clicking the paste special option will open the following list of options: .
  • All: This option pastes everything including the formats, values, formulas etc that is stored in the Windows Clipboard.
  • Formulas: This option paste only formulas by keeping cells format as unchanged. 
  • Values: This option paste only the values contained in the cells.
  • Formats: This option paste the format of the copied cell.
  • Comments: This option is especially for pasting comments in the desired cells.
  • Validation: This option will paste only the validation that is applied on particular cells.
  • All using source theme: This option is used for replicating the formatting and pasting the formulas in the desired cell.
  • All except borders: This option paste the content as it is in the desired cell leaving the border.
  • Column Width: This option is used to get the same column width in the desired cells along with pasting formulas.
  • Formulas & Number Formats: This option is used to paste the formulas and the number format applicable of the copied cells.
  • Values & Number Formats: This option allows you to figures of formula results in copied cells.
  • Merge Conditional Formatting: This option is applicable when conditioning formatting is applied to the cells to be copied. It combines the conditional formatting of the copied cells with that of the desired cells where data is to be pasted.
  • Transpose: This option allows you to paste the data from multiple columns in the form of rows in desired and vice versa.

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