MS Excel Keyboard Controls

Excel Move Around

You can easily navigate through the sheet by using mouse or the keyboard in many ways.
Try yourself entering the following data in the sheet in a new Excel Sheet. Open and a new file and start typing the data below:

Moving with Mouse

You can easily navigate to the desired insertion point where you want to enter the text by clicking on that point in the sheet. In case the point is not in the visible region, use the scroll bars to navigate to the desired point as shown below:
You can scroll up and down vertically or right and left horizontally by using the wheel on the mouse or the keys marked by up, down, right, left pointing arrows on the scroll bar around the sheet.

Moving with Scroll Bars

As you can see in the image above, there are two types of scroll bars, from which one moves the sheet horizontal and another one vertically.
  • Navigate one line upward by clicking the scroll arrow, which is pointing upwards.
  • Navigate one line downwards by clicking the scroll arrow that is pointing downwards.
  • Navigate to the next page by clicking the next page button (footnote).
  • Navigate to the previous page by clicking the previous page button (footnote).
  • Browse Object button will take you directly to the desired location on the sheet.

Moving with Keyboard

KeystrokeWhere the Insertion Point Moves
Forward ArrowForward one box
Backword ArrowBack one box
Upward ArrowUp one box
Downard ArrowDown one box
PageUpTo the previous screen
PageDownTo the next screen
HomeTo the beginning of the current screen
EndTo the end of the current screen
You can navigate from one box to another or directly move from one sheet to another. Choose any box on the sheet by moving the cursor of the mouse and try the following commands by holding the Ctrl key while pressing any of the arrow keys.
Ctrl + Forward ArrowIt takes you to the right most box on the sheet containing data in the same row
Ctrl + Backword ArrowIt takes you to the left most box on the sheet containing data in the same row
Ctrl + Upward ArrowIt takes you to the top most box on the sheet containing data in the same column
Ctrl + Downard ArrowIt takes you to the down most box on the sheet containing data in the same column
Ctrl + PageUpIt takes you to the sheet on the left of the current sheet
Ctrl + PageDownIt takes you to the sheet on the right of the current sheet
Ctrl + HomeIt takes you to the starting point of the sheet
Ctrl + EndTo the end of the sheet.

Moving with Go To Command

You can directly go to a box by pressing the F5 which is for Go To command. It will open a dialog box containing options for every box, along with corresponding rows and columns.

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