MS Excel Text Decoration and setting colors

Text Decoration in Excel Tutorial

The changes in the text decoration of the excel cell is brings a whole new look and feel to the Excel sheet.
The different options that one can avail in the home tab are listed as follows:-
  • Bold:Test is highlighted by this option. To select it, the user needs to choose Home and then Font Group then Click B. Alternatively text can be decorated by pressing Control + B.
  • Italic:This option makes text italic. The user can go to  Home and then  Font Group then Click I or the individual can press Control + B
  • Underline:To make text underline this option is used. An individual needs to choose Home, Font Group, Click U or alternatively the user can press Control + B
  • Double Underline:The option makes text highlighted. To use this option the user can choose Home, Font Group, Click arrow near U and then Select Double Underline
More text-decoration options
Other options that are available for decorating text in formatting cells ->Font Tab ->Effects cells are listed as below
  • Strike-through:It strikes the text through the centre horizontally.
  • Super Script:The content is raised as a super, to another, content.
  • Sub Script:The content appears as a sub, to another, content.

Rotate Cells in Excel Tutorial

The Excel-Rotate cell is often practiced while preparing worksheets. The Excel cells can be rotated by any degree and thus their orientation can be altered.
Rotating Cell from Home Tab
If you are intending to rotate cell from the home tab then you need to click on the orientation in the home tab. There are options like angle clockwise, angle counter clockwise that you can choose.

Rotating Cell from Formatting Cell

To rotate cells from the format cells option, go to the alignment, set the degree for the rotation. Apart from rotating cells there are many other formatting cells practiced by individuals who work with Excel worksheets.

Setting Colors in Excel Tutorial

Excel offers you the option for changing the text color or background color of the cells
Changing Background Color
The default color of any cell in Microsoft Excel Sheet is white. To change the color on the background of the cell, go to Home Tab on the top and you will find the option for Background as shown below. 
Changing Foreground Color
You can also change the color of the foreground, which is black by default. To change the default color, go to Home Tab and click on the option of Foreground Color listed in Font Group as shown below.
The foreground color can also be changed by opening the Format Cells dialog box by right clicking the cell. In that, you will find the option for Font Color under Font Tab.

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