MS Excel Zoom in and Out

Zoom In-Out in Excel Tutorial

Excel - Zoom In-Out

Zoom Slider

Microsoft Excel allows you to change the zoom percentage of the excel sheet that you are working on by sliding the knob left and right. You can zoom in a page to a maximum of 400% and zoom out to a minimum of 10%. By default, it is set to normal 100%. The zoom slider is located at the right bottom of your Excel Worksheet with + and – signs on either sides.

Zoom In

To zoom in the Excel Worksheet, you need to take the slider to the right side towards +. On moving the slider completely towards right, you will be able to obtain a maximum zoom of 400 % as shown below.

Zoom Out

Zooming out the worksheet is pretty much the same but now you have to move the slider on the opposite side on the left towards the – sign. On moving the slider completely towards the left, the page will reduce to 10% of its normal size.

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