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Bitcoin is unarguably the most popular cryptocurrency wallet compared to the rest. It was invented back in 2008 and over the past few years and has come to be accepted and used by many people across the world. Bitcoins can be used to pay for stuff electronically but unlike other methods of electronic payment, once a payment is made with Bitcoin, it cannot be reversed. With Bitcoin, your identity is not an issue when carrying out any kind of transaction. Bitcoins are also limited in supply.
Currently, Ethereum is currently the second most popular cryptocurrency after the Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been in existence for about 3 years.

However Ethereum wallet is more secure, and investors are flocking in large numbers and this has led to the high demand. The good thing with Ethereum wallet is that it has private keys, and it is very easy to use. With Ethereum, you can be sure your coins are safe and are not at any risk of getting lost. This is because Ethereum wallet has enhanced is security features to ensure your coins are safe. There are many other cryptocurrency wallets in the market but not all are secure.

You may put your coins in some of these cryptocurrency wallets and you end up losing your hard earn investment. And the bad thing with many of these cryptocurrency wallets is that even if you lose your coins, there is no official place where you can take your formal complaints. This is because the cryptocurrency market is not controlled by the government. It is just a form of virtual currency.

Therefore it is good to conduct due diligence before you invest even a single coin. There are various forms of Ethereum wallets available.

Some of these wallets include;


This is a hardware wallet for the Ethereum. It was initially created for the Bitcoin but today it can also be used with Ethereum wallet with a web interface. It has a very secure chip and can only be activated with a password when you want to log in Trezor comes in three different colours. These colours are; black, grey, and white. The good thing about Trezor is that it is light.

2. Jaxx:

Jaxx is an Ethereum mobile wallet that supports 13 cryptocurrencies including the Ethereum. It comes with the latest design and has advanced security features. The private keys on Jaxx and the seed keys help you in restoring your funds whenever it is required. Jaxx wallet can be accessed through the Android, Linux, Windows, Mac OS and i0S.

3. Exodus:

Exodus is an Ethereum desktop wallet which is very easy and free to use. is able to show the portfolio of the available coins. Exodus the Ethereum. While using Exodus wallet, you the internet is necessary, otherwise, without internet, the Exodus wallet does function. Exodus wallet also requires you to have a personal Email in order to access the services. With this Ethereum, your funds are secure.

4 MetaMask:

This is an Ethereum desktop wallet. With MetaMask, you can also get the password which is usually the private keys which are on the machine

5. Mist:

Mist is an Ethereum desktop wallet with an access to both the keys to be able to do any kind of business you want with the Ethereum wallet. With Mist, you can also be able to exchange with other currencies since it has a built-in ShapeShift. Mist can be operated on various platforms. Mist is currently. With Mist, no registration and no personal information is required.

6. MyEtherWallet:

This is a web wallet and it the best web wallet simply because, with MyEtherWallet, you are able to in control of your machine. You can also be able to get your funds from other cryptocurrency wallets through the MyEther's browser. There is no personal information that is required since there is no registration process. ETHAdress ETHAdress is a paper wallet that contains both private keys and the public keys.

You can put additional privacy by encrypting the private keys. There is no personal information that is required since there is no registration. ETHAdress is supported on a Web Paper Wallet platform. B. KeepKey It is an Ethereum hardware wallet which keeps your Ethereum in a very secure environment when you are offline. It also has a very bid screen compared to monitor all your activities. It has a plastic body which makes it easy for it to get damaged just it falls down accidentally.

Dogecoin wallet is another cryptocurrency that is currently on the market. Using Dogecoin is simple, fast and easy. There are usually no delays in transactions and the transaction fee is quite low. Dogecoin currently is valued at a total of more than $1 billion.

Altcoin is a cryptocurrency wallet that is also on the market. Altcoin was created as an alternative cryptocurrency to the Bitcoin. However, it is riskier to invest in Altcoin compared to Bitcoin. This is so because since the rates are volatile and keep changing so frequently. It is also considered as a scam buy some people who say that it only benefits the inventors and those who adopted it early enough. Some of the countries have not yet accepted cryptocurrency as a form payment since there is no liquid cash that is involved.

Engaging in cryptocurrency is also a bit risky since the prices are never constant. They keep fluctuating from day to day Again with cryptocurrency, there are no properly stated regulations that are put place to guide any kind of transaction. With formal currency, the Central Bank is the one that regulates all kind of transactions and the value of each currently is kept almost constant for quite a long period of is just a matter of time and we will get to see how the cryptocurrency market will move forward but for now, it is just a wait-and-see situation.

When it started no one ever thought it could take over the market. Many thought it was just a scum but over years it has proven that it is here to stay. Therefore the cryptocurrency may be in the market for quite a long time

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