Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick (3.7 g) An Honest Review

Lipstick is a necessary addition to any lady or woman's beauty collection, but finding the best product can be a daunting task. If you love lipstick, there's a good chance that you have heard about the Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick. It's an interesting product from Lakme that's worth trying.

If you're interested in knowing how these product works before you decide to try it, you can read the reviews posted by previous users on this link:

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick

The PM 12 Lakme Enrich Lipstick has been designed with the user in mind. It's recommended for ladies with fair to medium skin tones. In India, it's safe to assume that every woman has used Lakme lipstick at least once in their lifetime. This is because the products are ideal and safe for your skin.

Here is what you need to know about Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick,

Packaging — Traditionally, lipstick was packed in a maroon tube, but the packaging of today is different. This product is available in a silver swivel-up tub. Consumers are able to see through it because its cap is transparent. Because of this, you can tell the color of the shade without having to pull the lipstick out Additionally, color silver is very attractive. However, it's wise to note that the packaging may vary slightly from what is displayed on the website because it's derived from various batches.

Texture and fragrance — The texture of Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick is smooth, and previous users have reported that it's easy to apply and doesn't tug on lips. With this type of product, you don't need to carry a lip balm anymore because your lips will remain hydrated for longer once you wear it It has a sweet floral fragrance that evaporates after some few minutes of application, but people sensitive to smell may find it to be irritating.


Another feature that makes this lipstick to stand out is its pigmentation. One swipe is enough for you to transform your lips and your entire beauty. Of course, if you prefer a deep color you can always increase the swipes.

Long-lasting veear — This lipstick stays for longer once you wear it (approximately 15 hours). This means that if you wear it in the morning, you can still go to dinner looking beautiful. However, it's important to note that it leaves behind a stain that should be removed with an oil-based makeup remover.

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick

Application — If you have dry lips, it's best that you apply a lip balm first before wearing this lipstick. The Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick will not do anything to help moist your lips. In light of this, an application of a lip balm is vital one stroke is enough).

Ingredients — The ingredients include polyethylene, octyl dodecanol, and isononyl isononanoate.

Advantages of wearing Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick

Attractive packaging — As a woman, it's always important to stay updated. This product is the latest lipstick from matte and it comes in a very attractive packaging.

Wide range of colors The tone and texture of your skin doesn't matter; there is a shade that will work for you. Out of the 20 shades, you will certainly find one that works bast with your skin. So, there's no reason why you should not try this product.

Less expensive — Price is always a vital factor to consider when shopping for any product. The good news is this product is fairly priced. In this regard, it's affordable even for women with tight budget. Also, you stand a chance to get a discount if you purchase two or more items at once.

Longer staying power — This product is estimated to last for about 15 hours after application. When compared to other brands on the market, this is probably the longest staying power that you will find.

Available in various shades — It's not easy to find a product that works best for almost any skin tone and texture. Lakme enrich lipstick from matte is available in 20 different shades that are ideal for different types of skin tones. With this variety, you can be certain of finding a shade that's meant for your skin tone.

24 months shelf life — The 24-months shelf life means that you can use this item for longer without worrying about expiry or any other side effects. It's not easy to find a lipstick that can last that long.

Where to buy

There are many stores where you can buy this item, but we recommend that you use this link to purchase it:

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick

You also stand a chance to get amazing discounts when you buy from that link.

Why you should try this product

As mentioned above, there are many advantages associated with this product, and that's why it's highly recommended that you try it If you are a lady who wants to transform your beauty, let the Lakme enrich lipstick from matte help you get the look that you've always wanted.

With this product, you will get that long-lasting color that you want without getting your lips dry. Of course, there are certain disadvantages that come with this item, but overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far. And truth be told, there isn't any product without disadvantages. Like any other product out there, you should look at what you stand to gain using it and compare to what you have to loose. If the positives are more than the negatives, then it's an item that it's worth trying.

With so many brands of lipstick available on the market today, it's very difficult to tell which product best suits your skin ton. The Lakme enrich lipstick from matte is a competitive product that is easy to wear It will make you feel good about yourself.

What makes it even more worth your hard earned money is that you will never feel like you have added anything on your lips when you wear it A good lipstick should never make you feel like you have applied something on your lips. Some lipsticks can even make it difficult for you to speak properly without eating them. The good news is, the Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick is different; it's the type of lipstick that you'll want to purchase again and again.

Lakme Absolute Matte Lipstick

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