What Is Java?-Java Tutorial Point

Java is one of the leading languages of computer programming which is class based, concurrent, object
Oriented and extremely designed for avoiding dependencies related to implementation. lt focuses on the
Technique of  “Write once, run anywhere" (WORA) which means that the code which runs on an individual or
single system. Doesn’t require to be compiled for other systems as it would run successfully without any
further compilations. There are five basic principles due to which the Java language came into existence and
they are mentioned as straightforward, simple Familiar and object-oriented. Secondly, Secure and robust.
Thirdly neutral and portable architecture and should have the capability of high performance skills-
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Reasons for learning java programming and why is it considered one of the best?

Java has been considered as one of the leading languages which have been created till now. It has been
Successfully running across the globe since two decades and with each passing day is gaining strength. Even
Though there are some scenarios where the development task of Java slows down a bit but till date it has
responded quite well to the developers across the globe. There have been some remarkable changes with
regards to Enum, inform, auto boxing and generics in the Java-5 version. Finally when the new version of 6
came into existence there was remarkable change and it became one of the best choices for the development
of all the Android applications. 

Due to its astounding features it is gaining momentum in the market of development. When candidates who wants to enter into the world of Java technology, the first and the foremost question which come to their mind is that 
Why to go ahead with Java Programming? 

First thing
which need to reveal to you guys are that all the selection of your programming language depends on you,
but yes it is for sure that Java is going to be on the top always with leading and enhanced features. With
respect to your careers, it’s going to outshine other languages and platforms. Through java, candidates can
develop core java based server’s side applications, web platforms with the help of J2EE, the applications for
enterprises workings and finally the mobile based development for the Android devices.

Let's peep into the reasons due to which youngsters are encouraged for entering into the programming skills
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1. Easy to Learn:
Java is having fluent English and simpl8 syntax along with less of restrictions with magic characters lik8
cases of generics and angle brackets Due to no restrictions with respect to coding, it is quite easy and simple
to understand and grasp. Fact is that candidates need to be familiar with th8 coding concepts and may be
initially would be facing some hurdles like handling and installing of the JDK along with setting the path. Once
candidate has got themselves expert in this field, they would find nothing difficult and would b8 able to
accept chall8ng8s with enthusiasm-

2. Object oriented programming language:
lt is well known that when developers need to develop any application in Object oriented programming
language, and then they are comfortable because of the flexibility, system modular and extensible features.
Once developers are having the in-depth experience of handling the OOPs concepts like Encapsulation,
Polymorphism, Inheritance and Abstractions. Then it is for sure that they can use all the above mentioned
features in their development and get the task completed quite easily. Java is also promoting the solid and
design of object oriented technique in form of the open source for different projects- One of the example is
use of spring (which ensures that Object oriented dependency is well managed through the principle of
dependency injection principle-

3. Rich in APl's:
They are rich in APl's as they are coming with the installation process of Java. Java is providing different
applications with for individual functionality. Some of the APl’s which are provided by Java are: utilities,
networking, database connectivity, XML parsing and so on.
Whatever features are left is easily covered with the libraries of open source like Google Guava. Apache Commons and some other. Apart from APl’s they are also rich in development tool like Net beans and Eclipse.