Apple iMessage vs Google Hangouts - Which is more secure

Apple iMessage vs Google Hangouts - Which is more secure?
The security of a messaging service depends mostly upon the type of pathway followed by the messages to reach between the users. Here it’s not a tug of war between these two apps for the possession of more features but it’s much more essential act than that which is always played behind curtains. Both these apps are wholly and solely meant for secure messaging without any wiretapping but news on the air tells different story.  
In case of Apple’s iMessage service, end to end encryption is used which means your messages are secured from the moment they left your Smartphone until they reach the destination without any interference in the midway. Thus this is a secure messaging system from Apple. While as Google’s Hangout’s uses some different tech in which the messages you send can be easily put on surveillance by Google because their encryption of messages lasts once your message reaches Google servers. At that point Google can easily alter with your privacy concerns.
This transparently indicates that iMessage service from Apple is more secure than Hangout’s. It’s not just a story but a true fact with solid evidence. As per the recent interview of Google’s executives, they were asked out this issue and Salgado responded that Hangout’s are encrypted in transit. This simply means Google has the access to our Hangout’s services and can interfere anytime they want to.

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