Sony launches inventive LED bulb lodging a Bluetooth speaker

Sony launches inventive LED bulb lodging a Bluetooth speaker
Sony recently showcased this wonderful gadget namely 360-lumen bulb which blends the ability to light up the atmosphere and put some tone in the air. Sony claims that this bulb is meant to be installed in the places where separate speakers aren’t easily installable. This LED bulb can also find its application in surprise parties and melodious moments with your loved ones.
360-lumen bulb works via Bluetooth; you can easily pair this gadget with your Smartphone through Bluetooth and play the music you want. You can also control its volume and brightness of bulb via your Smartphone. It also comes with a remote controller which can be paired through NFC and provides the same functionality.
Providing both vision and voice in the single piece of hardware is a bright idea but speakers installed in these bulbs have to be the smaller ones as far as portability issues are concerned. Therefore everyone might not love the taste of sound produced by its miniature speakers. But it’s also a fact that Sony is a great tech giant and the quality of Speakers will definitely be good although not favourable to everyone.
Before emptying your pocket and paying $200 for this 360-lumen bulb, make sure that the sound quality produced by this speaker is worth such a whooping price point. This innovative gadget hasn’t yet been made available in U.S but it will be available for sale in Japan from May 23rd and it’s expected to arrive soon in the U.S premises also. 

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