Apple's location based services gearing up to next level

Apple find my friends: Apple's location based services gearing up to next level - Makes friends meet up easy

For the people with a big friend circle hailing from different places, here’s the most authentic solution for meeting up at the most preferred location. This patent app named Collaborative Location Based search results makes it possible to bundle up the location info of multiple iPhone’s simultaneously and provide relevant information. It shows it’s applicability in automatically navigation a place among a friend circle which is in reach of all participants. It can make it a lot easier for you to choose most preferred restaurant or coffee shop where you and your buddies can easily catch up. This app is not only for Smartphone use but the same info can be sent to the navigation system of a car or any application.
Besides this feature, it can allow an iPhone user to send a request to other iPhone user to visit any nearby place and grab any item for him. In case of emergencies, with this feature you can easily navigate your closest friend and get some help for yourself. Apple is making very strong efforts to take this location based service much ahead. Also the Apple’s contract with Google for providence of Google search engine by default is about to end this year and the next IOs update is expected to see huge up gradation in location based services. 

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