Chance to grab these amazing paid IOS apps for free

Chance to grab these amazing paid IOS apps for free
Obviously everything isn’t free in App store and often we stumble upon some desired applications which we want to have but can’t get because of its whooping price. Fortunately, a bunch of great IOS apps have been made available for free but for a limited time scale. So, the users who want to grab some exciting apps without paying should take this chance. These are the top 5 best IOS apps which are currently available for free on App store.
Lens +: It’s an amazing photo app which lets you take pictures with different visual styles. The app offers a huge bunch of photo and video effects namely Baby Face, colour dodge, cross process, text, red scale, Ronda, Aqua sapphire, Golden age, Pinhole, Duo Sepia, Newage, Skyline, Cyanotype, Silver gelatine, Lomographic, faded, Diana and much more. This app was originally available at 0.99$ but currently you can grab it for free.
DOOO: If you are the type of person who wants to make every second of his life count and spend it productively then this is the best all in one solution for you. This app lets you complete your projects on time, save your ideas through images, voice and locations. Without any hassle, you can roam around this app and perform your tasks effortlessly, thanks to its smooth and melodious user interface.
Video in Video: This isn’t any app of the month award winning stuff here but it’s something which can fulfill your need of the moment. With this app you can combine two videos together. You can merge two moments taken into pieces and make it a single video. You can create amazing promo videos on this app and it lets you share your wonderful work with friends and family on facebook, YouTube, etc.
Orbitum: It isn’t any app of need but just a simple but additive game which can make you its victim. In this game you are travelling in an orbit and you have to save yourself from falling into the black hole by switching to the safer orbits. We aren’t here to explain you the game play but would like to let you know that either grab it for free now or pay $1.99 after few days.
Zombies, Run: It’s a zombie game as well as a fitness app which makes you run harder for your life with its adventurous audio and energetic songs. You can enjoy this game besides keeping yourself healthy. Currently you can download it for free but originally it is available at $3.99 from App store.

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