How to make your Android wear work with your iPhone

How to make your Android wear work with your iPhone
This particular feature which can let us use our Android wear device with iPhone might be on its way officially but who waits for official things in this tech arena where every new trick and tweak counts whether official or unofficial. By following this procedure carefully, you can make your Android wear work with your IOS device right now. The best thing about this procedure besides its outcome is that you won’t need to jailbreak your IOS device. Although you can’t enjoy every minute feature of your Android wear on IOS device but still most of them.
 Before starting this procedure, here are few things you need: Android wear device, iPhone and Android Smartphone. You must know that you don’t need Android Smartphone forever but just for the completion of procedure only. Besides these gadgets, you will need to download few things also which are:
  1. I) Download “Wear Connect for IOS” on your Android Smartphone – It lets you manage the notifications and other functions like music playback of your iPhone via BLE utility.
  2. II) Download “BLE utility” on your iPhone – This app permits you to connect your IOS device with the external peripherals.
After completely downloading and installing these files, open the wear connect on your Android wear and switch on the IOS service. To pair with your iPhone, you will need to enter a confidential pin code prompted on your Android wear into your iPhone. After that you will be easily able to access your iPhone notifications on your Android wear.

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