Apple watch software update reveals new features

Apple watch software update reveals new features
The first update to the famed Apple watch just arrived brining new features including new emojis as well as performance improvements. The Apple watch v1.0.1 update from Apple is 51.6MB and for updating you Apple watch, you need to connect it with your iPhone and make sure that adequate amount  of battery is available before initiation.
This latest update to Apple watch brings supports for new languages namely Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Turkish, Russian, Swedish and Thai. Besides this update, now Apple watch can track your fitness activities more accurately with its performance improvement in the workouts and fitness department. The performance improvement has also been made for Apple’s Siri which means it can now detect your voice commands more precisely.
So, hurry up and grab this latest Apple watch update but don’t panic it this update isn’t available for your Apple watch. This update has just started rolling out and might take some time to reach every corner of the globe. But it’s promised to arrive sooner than you might think. 
On the other side, Google wear has disclosed Wi-Fi availability in Smartwatches which will now allow Android watches to do much more than they usually do. And some other neat and clean updates are also seems in Android wear which could make a great difference in the market.

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