Banning of Smartphone within school premises has positive effect on students academic life

Banning of Smartphone within school premises has positive effect on students academic life
Nowadays use of Smartphone’s have gone rampant at every place in every stage of life. The life without Smartphone’s seems burden to adults as well as children’s. The unchecked use of Smartphone’s has very bad impact on life whether it’s an adult or children and it gets even worse for children which should have been studying hard in the school for getting good grades. But it becomes much harder for children to control Smartphone addiction when they see their adult ones magnetised with their Smartphone’s all day and all night. Now parents are out of solutions to get rid of Smartphone’s from their children’s life.  But for sure there’s nothing you can do more than banning use of Smartphone in your house as well as school if you want your children’s to achieve good grades in school.
According to Richard Murphy and Louis-Philippe’s research which was recently published at London School of Economics concerned with the economic performance of students, it has been found that after banning Smartphone’s under school premises, the performance of students increased by 6.4%. This can make students able to cover more syllabuses in less time course besides increasing the focus of children on studies other than their Smartphone’s. So, the parents should directly refuse their children from getting a Smartphone and they will indeed see huge improvement in their academics.
As per reports, 75% teenaged students in US and about 90% in UK own Smartphone’s and the number is increasing drastically. But knowing the hazards of this menace, currently 98% schools have banned use of Smartphone’s within school premises and its positive effect on students is clearly visible. The students which are weaker in studies have gone above average grades while as a bit positive effect is also been seen on students which usually score top grades. 
Although the advancement in Smartphone technology is also a tremendous job but it should be allowed only after the children have clearly understood that difference needs to be created between professional life and social life. The spending of time on Smartphone’s is totally unnecessary for a children however if children is fond of games, he should be given an hour of gaming under parental supervision. It’s also true that top earning people work in Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft which are top seats of Smartphone development but this isn’t achievable by using their gadgets for gaming and social networking but for that a student needs to create a professional mindset for pursuing his career in these fields in future and start learning basics from the very beginning.  

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