Salman Khan 5 Years imprisonment charge suspended by Bombay high court for Salman Khan Hit and Run Case

Salman Khan 5 Years imprisonment charge suspended by Bombay high court for Salman Khan Hit and Run Case.
Finally the leading Bollywood actor Salman Khan got bailed from Bombay High Court by paying the bail of Rs 30,000. Salman Khan had to hand over his passport and from now onwards Salman Khan can only travel abroad upon courts permission. After completing all the formalities concerned with the bail, Salman Khan reached home and saluted and greeted his fans which were accumulated outside his home over his balcony. In the evening Salman took to Twitter and thanked all his fans who prayed for him by saying” meherbani shukriya”.
Salman Khan has been fighting for his discharge from 13 years ever since he was convicted for ridding his SUV over homeless men at night while he was drunk. Salman Khan was charged with charges like driving without license and liable for homicide. This case took an aggressive turn when Judge DW Deshpande rejected the statement issued by Salman Khan which clearly mentioned the fact that it was the fault of his driver. The concerned Judge blamed Salman Khan for running from the accidental spot and hiding at his home instead of visiting the hospital and providing medical assistance to the victim.
Salman Khans lawyer on the other had revealed entirely different tale which said that Salman Khan wasn’t driving the car, instead he was sitting at the passenger’s seat and he had to shift to the driver’s seat when car’s passenger door got blocked due to accidental damage. But this tale remained tale and failed to become a fact when the survivors of the accident and other witnesses stated that it was Salman Khan who was driving the car at 55mph when it ran over the casualty, but no one knows what is true.
But after the Salman Khan got bailed out, the famous B-Town rulers visited Salman Khan at his house and some other start like Ajay Devgn, karan johar, sonakshi Sinha, Aamir Khan, etc made home calls to the “Bhai Jan”. Despite the fact that Salman Khan needs to get permission for travelling abroad from the court, he is optimistically preparing to go for Dubai how which is scheduled on 29th May.  Salman Khan has plans to reach Dubai on 28th May and will perform the finale act on 29th May. Although the huge fan base of Salman Khan celebrated the moment of Salman’s bail but some people argued that every other person doesn’t receive such beneficial treatment from the court. It clearly indicates towards the courts treatment with Sanjay Dutt whose parole got reject and was momentarily allowed to complete his upcoming movies.

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