Cyanogen- Microsoft tie up

Cyanogen- Microsoft tie up
What is Cyanogen os?
In case you aren’t aware what actually cyanogen is, you should know that cyanogen the world’s leading and most customizable OS basically running on Android platform. Cyanogen although runs on Android platform, offers much highly appreciable tweaks and trends in the Smartphone’s running their OS by factory or by custom ROM installation. It can be said that cyanogen makes it possible what stock Android is incompetent to achieve.
Cyanogen – Google:
So far Cyanogen and Google’s Android shared common grounds of understanding and thus Cyanogen used to make stock Android applications preinstalled on their own customized OS too. Most of the Cyanogen services used to be and still are from the Google’s Android which includes email app etc. But nowadays the Cyanogen and Google tie up doesn’t seem to go well as Cyanogen started developing own applications instead of those developed for stock Android.
Cyanogen OS 12 Update:
The break up between Google and cyanogen came to the daylight when the latest release of Cyanogen OS saw the replacement of the default email client by Google by their newly developed Boxer app. This application is capable of doing much faster email processing and other features and also well cooked than Android’s stock email app.
Cyanogen- Microsoft tie up
This is the final moment which clearly declared that Cyanogen indeed is getting rid of Google’s Android services and no more wants to be dependent on them. Thus Cyanogen is replacing services which used to be provided by Google with their competitor Microsoft.  The bundle of services includes Bing, Skype, Onedrive, Microsoft office and much more. Thus, total replacement of Android services by Microsoft is taking place, this is a bigger moment for Cyanogen, Microsoft as well as Google as well but the difference lies in the fact that whether this mutualism replacement proves to be beneficial for them or not.
Conclusive Outcome:
Out of all this hue and cry, it pointed out to be all clear that Cyanogen wants to be on the flexible team whether they can perform their own and that’s where Microsoft got their deal signed with Cyanogen by promising zero interference with the services or products Cyanogen releases. However in case of Google, Cyanogen might had to work under a particular limited protocols set by the Google’s android and here Cyanogen uplifted them once for all. But since this move by Cyanogen was quite sudden type, it can be expected that Google could have tightened their grip over the Cyanogen team which resulted in their permanent replacement. Now it’s worth  seeing the consequence of this all new service pack on Cyanogen and Google’s attitude towards replacement.

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