Disney Infinity - Toy Box 2.0 now ready for playing on Android OS

Disney Infinity - Toy Box 2.0Disney Infinity - Toy Box 2.0 now ready for playing on Android OS
Here comes Toy Box 2.0 straight from your wonderful Disney land updated by Disney Infinity for you. Saying it just a game won’t be a fair deal because Toy Box 2.0 is a compilation of kids thoughts using which a kid can develop their own games and characters a kid always wished to be. In this joyful game, kids can grab the super heroes straight from Marvel and Disney’s famous characters.

The smart, incredible and powerful characters like Spider man, Elsa, Hiro, Anna and much more from famous movies which include Spiderman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Baymax, Merida of Brace, The Guardians of the galaxy, Frozen, etc. Wait! Wait!! Wait!!! Not all of the characters are free to be played; this game allows you to play three characters for free. To Box 2.0 gives you the freedom to create your oen world, games, rooms and you can play this game online with friends and develop amazing Toy Boxes together.
This game has been developed with intensive care on making it smooth running on Smartphone’s also and you won’t feel difference between playing on console and mobile. There are a loads of characters waiting to be unlocked, and Disney Infinity gives you freedom to access your toy Box any platform whether it is PC, Smartphone or console.

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