What is Lent?

Lent is basically a divine season of the Christian year in which Christians are mostly focused on improving their religious spirituality by keeping fasts, cutting off some luxuries from their daily life and praying regularly. By doing these good deeds Christians grow spiritually closer to God.

Origin of Lent:

As per the root meaning of the word “Lent” in Greek Lent means “tessarakonta” which represents “forty”. It’s thus the period of forty days falling before Easter. This period is considered as the preparatory phase for Easter. During the Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and latter after few days of preparatory time, Holly Week commences which represents Christ’s passion and death. 

The Length of Lent season has been set to be forty day because during the public ministry phase, Jesus lived in a desert for forty days where God announced Jesus as his son. Jesus spent some intentional time with God in order to now the sole divine purpose of his life. Jesus fasted for 40 days continuously in the desert. Mardi gras comes before Lent which means Fat Tuesday followed by the commencement of Lent season on Wednesday. 

This Wednesday is particularly called Ash Wednesday where ash signifies that when we die our bodies ultimately turn into ash thus recalling us the fact that we are mortal and should repent before we turn into ashes. Thus Ash Wednesday marks the start of Lent season and people start sacrificing their luxuries, praying and fasting. On Ash Wednesday, Christians are invited to the church where the minister marks forehead of the participants with a cross made of ash where cross serves as the symbol signifying Jesus’ Resurrection. 

Best things you can do:

You can easily pull your leg out of the huge mess of social life for this holy month and spend your most of the time in praying to God. You will need to cut off watching TV, drinking alcohols and stop doing regular unnecessary activities in order to stay focused on your spiritual nourishment. The worldly luxuries are keeping us busy and we aren’t able to follow the purpose of our life. Lent is providing us that much needed time we need to devote to God. 

You can improve your lifestyle in these 40 days and become a good person following God’s commands. As per history, people used to do fasting severely these days. But there are other ways too which include prohibition of meat, alcohol and avoiding one time meal. But the main motive behind all this is to spend extra time in your religious activities than normal days and nourishing your hollow spirit which can be done in the best ay by controlling the lust for worldly things.

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