Everything about Apple world Wide developer conference 2015

Everything about Apple world Wide developer conference 2015
This year Apple has scheduled to held its worldwide developer conference in San Francisco commencing   from 8th June and will take place up to 12th June. A this conference Apple will show off its software advancements, kills and will focus on implementation of  clean and creative technical tools for developers. This conference is the biggest hope for tech enthusiasts to see giant updates or previews of iOS. 
On this event Apple is set to show cast 100+ technical sessions and thousands of engineers from Apple will steal the show and give their speeches to the dedicated developers. Although the whole conference will not be available for live streaming but some special events will be made available for watching online.
The enthusiastic developers who want to attend this conference will have to register prior to 17th April and Apple will let the selected developers know if they are selected or not for this event. If a candidate gets selected, her / she will still have to pay the hall fee of 1599$ and then attendance is possible.  
Besides this knowledgeable event Apple has announced WWDC scholarships for deserving students and will be collaborating with different tech institution for disbursement of scholarship. It’s also being expected that Cupertino’s Apple TV will be unveiled at this event with latest designing and upgraded A8 processing chip.

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