IPhone 7: Rumor mill

IPhone 7: Rumor mill
With the release of Apple Smartwatch, the intimacy for the release of ether iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 is elevating among fans. Nothing concrete is out yet about the release of these Smartphone’s but just a huge bunch of rumors. Let’s go through what world is saying about iPhone 7.
  • As per the total guesswork, iPhone 7 is suggested to be the look alike of previously released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, it’s deduced on the basis of the fact that Apple maintains its two year cycle in release of new Smartphone’s. However some up gradations in terms of configuration are highly predictable.
  • The rumor mill on the basis of studies claims that iPhone 7 will also be provided with LTPS LCD display’s other than thinking of something fresh. Despite the release of Smartwatch with OLED display, it is much less likely to be used in iPhone 7 because Apple has already made down payments to the leading display manufacturers and also invested in display production business which clearly delimits the freedom of Apple to use same displays.
  • In case of build quality, it’s being said that iPhone 7 will also be featuring the Aluminum body and this Apple is currently making deals with their partner Foxconn for the production of tougher glasses which could be sapphire this time. However same characteristic colors of Apple will be made for this Smartphone also with the increment of pink color being rumored.
  • As this year many people felt Iphone’s bigger than they look beautiful so this year Apple is more likely to release multiple versions of the new Smartphone which could be housed with 4.7inch and 5.5inch displays. This will let fans to choose for the compact or the bigger one as per desire.
  • Latest rumors are emerging about the next Apple Smartphone might be designed with the same edged display as seen in Galaxy S6 edge but this is not a concrete  data however display is curved or not, Apple will be using it’s Force Touch technology  in the upcoming iPhone 7 as they debuted this tech in their 12 inch MacBook.
  • IOS 9 is much likely to be showed off in June’s WWDC conference and might be seen in IPhone 7 but this update is considered to be just a bunch of bug fixes and stability improvements other than introduction of some new tweaks. However introduction of Apple watch App and split screen features are most probable up gradations in this version.
  • In terms of configuration, sources claim that Samsung will be the main supplier of A9 chips for Iphone 7 coupled with 2GB RAM. Storage capacity will retain the concept of 16GB, 32GB and 128GB models.
  • Sony’s Exmor RS sensor for 21MP two lens system camera will bring the SLR quality of photography to the iPhone 7 which will be a great camera up gradation ever done by Apple.
  • The wireless technology charging system is also one of the biggest challenges for Apple which could be made available in Iphone 7 but there’s no word on it yet.
However there is no word about the availability of this Smartphone or whether this Smartphone will be Iphone 7 itself or Iphone 6s. The pricing for this Iphone is also not surely predictable yet but stay tuned for more news regarding iPhone 7. 

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