Few Interesting Leaks regarding LG G4 are here

Few Interesting Leaks regarding LG G4 are here:
LG G4 is the upcoming premium flagship Smartphone from LG which is making rounds on news about different leaks and our rumor mill has also had hands on some trusted sources which unveil few things about what LG G4 will be equipped with. LG has also been extra conscious about their G series of Smartphone’s whether it’s about their performance, designing or launching schema. But sources have caught a fish which clearly gives idea about some of the whereabouts of LG G4; however it’s not everything about this Smartphone.
As per the leaked images of LG G4, this Smartphone will be encased in a leathery outfit, a multiple number of interchangeable leather back covers will be made available. These leathery back panels will be available in six different colors. That’s not all, for the people who have no love for leather, plastic version of back panels will also be provided at a cheaper rate than real leather panels and these too in multi color options. These things clearly indicate that LG is leaving the choice of designing up on the people by providing never seen before back panel customizations in a premium Smartphone. LG G4 designing is about to get much hotter with LG’s renounced Quick Circle case ready to serve this Smartphone which allows access to notifications even fit the case is closed.
In case of hardware configuration, LG G4 leaks suggest that this Smartphone will be planted with 16MP, f/1.8 primary camera which will be equipped with interesting new features. The latest and the newest camera features about to arrive with LG G4 being a laser autofocus camera and infra red color spectrum analyzer. Moreover, LG G4 is said to be flaunting a 5.5inch qHD display. It feels good to hear that an SD card slot will be made available in LG G4 unlike other premium firms minimizing this option. LG G4 will be provided with a 3000mAh battery which for sure will be removable.
As far as these standards are considered, LG G4 looks an art of customization whose designing is by the people of the people and for the people type. In other words LG has stressed upon the fact that users should be given freedom to choose whatever color and material a person likes and here is the prototype. The configuration of this Smartphone is good so far but the absolute unveiling of configuration will take place when LG G4’s processing configuration is unveiled. So far only this info has been let out by LG but on 28th April LG is holding a press conference where LG G4 is expected to be unveiled fully.

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