Oppo broadcasts their 1st LTE enabled low budget Smartphone

Oppo broadcasts their 1st LTE enabled low budget Smartphone:
Oppo has built a good reputation in the Smartphone business since past ever since the release of Oppo hit maker Find series. As the premium Smartphone market is flowing in streamlined fashion with a great dynamics seen in the midrange Segment gaining attractions from all over world especially Asia, Oppo has also released their latest Smartphone which is 4G enabled however it can prove to be the Smartphone of choice for limited crowd as it’s compactness is much more compact than we see in this era of Smartphone. Let’s find out what interesting stuff Oppo A31 has got for us at Rs 10,000:
Starting with the interesting Display: Oppo A3 unlike most of the compact Smartphone’s is shredded by the company to measure just 4.5inches. This 4.5inch IPS WVGA display provides resolution of 480*854pixels. The experts have no clue what experimentation is Oppo trying to show in this Smartphone with providence of such over compact display. This Smartphone is probably for the crowd who want a mini Smartphone which can fit in any pocket and not everyone wonders of it.
Design: This compact display is encased in a durable metal frame surrounding the brim along with the glass panels at front as well as back. The engineering is honesty sensible and a good focus has been laid on its durability. This Smartphone can go well without casing but it’s not an advice here because this Smartphone still is among the low budget ones and you wouldn’t risk your Smartphone for the sake of durability testing so put on a military grade case on it.
Performance: Oppo A3 is factory installed with Android v4.4 Kit Kat OS operating on a Quad core Snapdragon 410 processor coupled with 1GB RAM. Although the OS  and processor is more or less up to date but 1GB RAM pulls off this Smartphone from the low priced – high specification  midrange crowd and land lands it into the custom arena. Clearly a vast number of games and apps aren’t expected to be executed with free will but it will definitely provide a good app running performance delimited by 1GB RAM but people who don’t like getting crowded with enormous games and apps can go for it.  
Camera: This Smartphone has been planted with an 8MP primary camera and 5MP front shooter. This is clearly a typical midrange camera configuration expectedly good for this standard because Smartphone in midrange category with much higher processing core’s also have been identified with the same camera configuration.
Storage: Oppo A3 is provided with 8GB onboard internal storage expandable up to 128GB via SD card. The 8GB internal storage is no issue here but a good call since a vast amount of expandability choice is left for you.
Battery: A 2000mAh batter has been introduced in Oppo A3 which expectedly will provide 8h on 3G but the appropriate value is not known yet. However it’s evident that an over compact display will consume less energy so this might be the fact for which Oppo finds a 2000mAh battery well enough for this Smartphone. 

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