Google Twitter tie up lets you see tweets in search results

Google and twitter tie up
Google Twitter tie up lets you see tweets in search results
The heartbreaking break up between Google and Twitter which was upshot in 2011 has be forgotten in the sands of time and this tie up is replenishing again starting with the allowance of tweets in Google search results. But don’t think it’s one way profiting step for either of them because it’s best for both. After this tie up, Google will be getting much more search results and Twitter will also gain a chance to kick start their growth which is currently a bit saturated.
According to V.P of Twitter, Twitter board is very happy to do team up with Google and show off tweet search results in Google. But initially this step will be taken for mobile web and Google application whereas there will be different announcement for desktop version. This feature is currently limited to U.S and will be landing soon in other countries. An official from Google also appreciated this step and stated that getting real time updates in Google search results via Twitter is a great thing.
 If you’re still confused with how this thing works, here’s an illustration. Suppose Britney Spears is your favorite singer and she has recently tweeted about something you want to know, the relevant content about your search will pop up in Google search result from Twitter if the celebrity and tweeted about the same thing. 

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