How to increase your PC's gaming performance

How to increase your PC's gaming performance

With each year passing, gaming mechanics is switching to new heights. Today’s PC’s are also descending towards modifications. In order to run current generation high graphics games, the low configuration PC’s are globally suffering and save is the case with majority of mid range PC’s. No matter there are still few games which are able to run efficiently on low configuration PC’s too but most of the famous games need efficient configuration PC’s to be run. However you can try our guide and enhance the gaming performance of your PC but the enhancement won’t be forever lasting, it will free up some random access memory for your game to play smoothly but in the long run, switching to a high configuration PC is mandatory.

1st Method: Advanced System Care 7:

1. There is this excellent software which goes by the name of Advanced System Care 7; you can download it for free from internet.
2.  After downloading, install this program on your PC. Now Advanced System Care 7 main screen will be displayed flaunting a big scan button.
3. Click on this Scan button and it will begin scanning your PC. After finishing the scan, it will briefly show you the performance result and repair button will appear on the screen.  
4. On clicking “repair”, all the temporary unnecessary files present in your PC will be gone for good and some amount of RAM will get freed up in your PC.
5. In order to keep your PC optimised, do run this program once or twice per week.

2nd Method: Razor Game Booster:

1. Razor Game Booster has been specifically developed to enhance the gaming performance on your PC. You can download it from .
2. Once you run it after installation, it will ask you to enter the necessary details in order to create an account.
3. After creating account, it will log you in and you will be able to run the program and access its features.
4. It will automatically scan your PC for available games and prompt you the list of games available on your PC.
5. Now you have to select the game, you want to play on your PC via Razor Game Booster prompt.
6. When you will select a specific game, it will automatically detect the best settings and optimisations required to run this game on your PC properly.


Your PC might have been the best of its time but now it needs some tuning up like increasing of RAM up to 8GB, enhanced graphics card installation, etc. The software as well needs to be upgraded from where you started.
You can over clock your graphics care generating more efficient performance; it will also heat up more and will consume more electricity. It won’t last for too long in this way.
You don’t need to buy all the components of your PC altogether, you can try buying one thing at a time starting from the RAM, then processor, graphics card, etc.

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