Harmful effects of mobile phone radiations on our brain

Harmful effects of mobile phone radiations on our brain

Our precious brain is delicately fabricated by nature and protected by the skull which acts as a great shielding agent against physical shocks but what about the harmful radiation emission that we are making our brain go through? Is our skull alone enough to fight the harmful radiations? Who would care for that before it’s too late? Ask this question to yourself that can you imagine living for an hour without checking your Facebook, Whatsapp or making a call. No you can’t! 

Within an hour without mobile phone you will start feeling like being a prisoner. But we definitely need to know that with great powers comes great responsibility. Although mobile phone is a blessing to the human world but it has its own shortcomings which we need to take into account and follow the necessary guidelines to ensure our safety. Currently the life of 5 billion mobile phone subscribers is at risk if we use this blessing in a guarded manner.

The radiations which a mobile phone emits while it is working are radio frequency waves which are electromagnetic waves whose prolonged exposure on your head can lead to brain cancer and other vulnerable diseases. Although many research scientists contradicted the fact that RF waves can cause cancer but there’s a huge crowd of scientists supporting this ugly fact that prolonged exposure to RF waves can cause cancer of brain and neck besides other minor diseases.

Structurally a working cell phone sends continuous signals to the nearest mobile tower by emitting radio frequency energy waves. The frequency of these RF waves is lower than FM radio waves but higher than microwaves. It potentially doesn’t have the power to alter r the nature of your DNA strands but it has been confirmed that if you stay exposed to these waves for more than enough time, then they can do so. But these waves doesn’t have enough power to harm you when they are away from your head but the main reason behind the concern is the keeping of mobile phone dangerously closer to your head. When we make a call, we usually keep our mobile phone too close to our head and the RF waves are strong enough to penetrate our head at such minor distance. In fact any tissue much closer to the antenna of your mobile phone which acts as gateway of emitting and receiving can fall prey of these radiations.

In order to save your precious life, it’s recommended to control your urge of using Smartphone all the time. Besides that buy a genuine Smartphone with low Specific Absorption Rate Value other than judging the Smartphone by its price and configuration only, include this factor also in your comparison. It’s also worth sharing that children’s skull aren’t as developed as of an adult person and the skull of children allow RF wave penetration easily, that’s why it’s better to keep your children away from Smartphone’s as long as possible. Adults are recommended to limit voice calling and start switching to other reliable chatting applications in order to stay away from RF waves.

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