How to increase your memory

How to increase your memory

Do you often forget where you kept your car keys? Are you unable to remember the type of dish you ate on last supper? Are your exams stressing you out because you can’t memorise your lessons properly? 

You definitely don’t need to freak out. You need to know that a person’s memory power depends upon the health condition of your brain. The more freshened up and healthy you keep it, the more miracles it will show. After going through our informative mash up regarding memory power, you will learn a lot of things which can help you to keep your brain healthy and thus sharp. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a worker or even a respected old aged person who wants to keep his or her brain sharp and active, you have just boarded a right plane, now let’s take off.

There’s a medical term called “neuroplasticity” which is one of the most essential characters of human brain. This feature allows a human brain to quickly adapt to the new things even in old age.  There are these false rumours in the society saying that an old aged person cant learn new things but it’s just a myth and real science has proved that neuroplasticity holds good even for old aged people. By making a brain go through different mental exercises and courses it can perform very well.
The first and foremost thing to do in order to keep your brain sharp is to give it a mental workout regularly. Just like the rule of gym is, the more your workout, the more you will gain. Same is the case with your brain. 

The more challenging hurdles you will put before it, the more new pathways it will open to complete the challenges. If you don’t do mental workout regularly, you will eventually loose whatever you are left with. Keeping your brain idle is just like keeping an iron rod in water, eventually it rust. So, it’s better to start mental workouts. The mental workout you choose needs to be something innovative, challenging, as well as enjoyable.

Besides doing mental exercise, regular physical workout is must to keep your brain active. During physical workout, your brain gets more oxygen for its proper functioning and prevents you from memory loss and other cardiovascular health issues. Due to exercise, a person becomes stress free and boosts the stimulating hormone production which ultimately gives life to fresh neural networks. The best type of exercises beneficial for your brain includes aerobic exercise, exercises which need hand eye coordination and other exercises like walking and jumping but it’s necessary to take short intervals of break in the each session.

This is one of the most common things that people do wrong. For proper functioning of brain, a person needs to sleep for an adequate amount of time but not too less or too high. The adequate amount needed for a brain to rejuvenate is 7.5 – 9 hours at night. You might take this one lightly but sleep plays a crucial role in the memory power because the memory power improving activity undergoes in a human brain at the deepest sleep cycles. But only 7.5 – 9 hours isn’t enough alone, the timing makes more sense. If you seriously want to see improvement in yourself, then create a regular sleeping schedule; turn off your TV at proper timing in night and go to sleep at the same timing regularly. You might also want to turn off your TV about half an hour before you got to bed because its light messes you head for a long time and you won’t be able to get sleep if you didn’t create this time gap. Taking caffeine in limit will also help with your sleeping schedule and it’s better to avoid sipping it in the night time if you want to keep your schedule intact.

Not only mental trainings and exercises making you strive hard is the sole key to boost your memory. Healthy relationships are also a key ingredient which helps you to keep your brain sharp and active. When you have a supportive friend circle, it boosts your brain heath as well as keeping your emotional mechanism under control.  The more you will stay associated with your social life, the lesser your brain will face the memory loss menace.

Do you want to know who the worry enemy of your brain is? It is stress. If you want to keep you memory intact, stress management is must. No matter how hard the times get, never stress out because excessive stress causes great damage to your brain cells. It destroys the hippocampus region of your brain responsible for old memory retrieval and formation of new memories. It away your older memories and inhibits formations of new memories. You can manage stress by keeping least expectation from all the people around you, open up your feelings before everyone instead of keeping them caged in, instead of trying to be a multitask machine, focus on one thing at a time and take breaks in between.

The talk about laughter being the best medicine has been going since a long time and yes let me tell you that it is true. You should get involved in funny activities around you, laugh a lot, if you can’t find the reason, then laugh at the embarrassing activities you keep doing. The best thing to keep your brain is indeed laughter because it positively effects on a large portion of your brain. You should surround yourself with the people who know how to laugh and how to make people laugh. It’s also better to spend some time with the children who play all day and take life as lightly as a feather.
The health state of your brain depends upon the diet you take. 

You might know that lean proteins, fruits and vegetable are the best diet but your brain needs something more specific. Start eating Omega 3s containing eatables like fishes, walnuts, kidneys, broccoli, etc. Limit theintake of food items containing saturated fat which negatively affects your brain. For example, meat, milk, cream, butter, etc. The best beverage to boost your brain power is green tea because it’s rich in polyphenols and antioxidants good for mental well being.

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