Hello app launched by Facebook for Android only

Hello app launched by Facebook for Android only:
Facebook is putting every possible effort to make to make their social networking as a primary social connecting link between the masses and in the enlightenment of same concept, Facebook released their new app Hello which is a Facebook centric dialer app available for Android Smartphone’s only.  You can download this Hello app for free on Google Play store.
Hello app from Facebook is basically a replacement for your native Android dialer. On installing Hello dialer app, you will be able to make charge free calls via Wi-Fi connection. It uses Facebook as a mode of identification for recognizing the callers, it’s rich search option lets you search the numbers of your business interests and makes the blocking of unwanted callers much more easier than before. Facebook’s    Hello app uses voice over internet protocol for making free calls over Wi-Fi network and also lets you respond to a  caller via their native messenger app, in case you have missed the call.
In the recent interview of Facebook Product manager, Facebook made it clear that they have no planning towards generating extra income via this app however there might be some indirect options for that purpose. As far as it’s free, lets enjoy this new level of voice calling introduced by Facebook.  

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